The British Library

However many times you’ve been to London, there’s always something new to see. Even thought UK’s national library is by no means new, last May was my first visit to the British Library.

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Share Your World – February 20, 2017

A month ago I started my blog break with Cee’s Share Your World, so it’s quite fitting that I’m making my comeback with the same challenge! Now that I’m back the plan is to try to have a very relaxed attitude to blogging – if I don’t post for a week, that’s fine. Blogging shouldn’t become a chore among everything else.

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Share Your World – January 23, 2017

I’ve decided to go on a blog break of sorts – I have been regularly posting for so long that it’s time to take a short break and recharge. But before that, let’s take part in Cee’s Share Your World, one of my favourite challenges out there.

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Share Your World -January 16, 2017

Join Cee’s Share Your World – it’s now week three into the New Year! Can you guess my height? Read on to find out if I’m tall, short or in-between.

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Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square is one of my favourite places in London. It’s always buzzing with activity. Being surrounded by museums and historical buildings, it would be difficult for any tourist to miss. Continue reading “Trafalgar Square”

Weekly Favourites

I have to warn you – this week’s post is all about food! But let’s have some coffee first – maybe a latte to get the day going?

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Bizarre but Fun at the HAM

Last year the exhibit everyone was talking about was Yayoi Kusama at the Helsinki Art Museum (HAM). As the exhibition will soon move to other pastures, I had to make a point of going to see it one evening.

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