Weekly Favourites

You could say that these past few weeks have basically gone by in a fog! Work is really full on and with the move coming up, there’s just too much on my plate right now.

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Skiffer – Helsinki’s unique pizza joint

Join me for an evening pizza at the Skiffer.

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Weekly Favourites

Wow it’s mid-September already! One of my friends keeps telling me that time goes faster the older you get. I am beginning to think she is right.

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Sunday strolling in Camden Town and Regent’s Canal

On a beautiful Spring day in London, I went strolling around Camden Town with friends. I couldn’t believe how many people there were – being on the move with a stroller in tow, it was not the most comfortable experience.

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Soviet War Memorial in Tallinn

Have you ever wanted to sit on the edge of a Soviet memorial? Well in Tallinn you can do that! It’s a good idea to go in the evening, so you can see the sunset whilst exploring the massive site.

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Weekly Favourites

Do you like collecting mushrooms? I must say I’m quite obsessed about it and now it seems that this Fall is going to be great for funnel chanterelles. There were so many of them in the forest that I had a tough time tearing myself away from them as we were a little pressed for time.

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Share Your World

Welcome – glimpse into my life through Share Your World! This is one of my favourite challenges out there.

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