The new craze – adult colouring books

Have you picked up on the new craze of colouring yet?

All you need are some colouring pencils, a sharpener and a book. Colouring books for adults can be found in local and online bookstores. If you are still looking for Christmas presents a colouring book and pencils could be the perfect gift.


The first question you should ask yourself before purchasing your book is if you like small details or would you prefer pictures that are faster to colour and complete? Personally I try to look for books with pictures with larger areas to colour as I do not enjoy colouring tiny patterns.

After that you can start looking at the different themes on hand – from butterflies to hipsters (!) – and pick one that is most interesting for you.

Last, you will need to pick your colouring pencils. In my opinion, there is no one truth on which are the best, as this will also depend on your preferences. One likes softer pencils with more vibrant colours while others may feel that these are messy and too inclined to smudge.


I am very much into the colouring craze as one might call it. When my two Danish friends visited, I managed to convert them too!


But why would you even want to colour? Isn’t it for children you ask? No way! When life is stressful and demanding, it’s good to slow down and stop the constant whirring of your brain. It’s also an opportunity to self-express and create something beautiful. And what better way to do that than doing something in which anyone can succeed in?



5 thoughts on “The new craze – adult colouring books

  1. Yes, me too! I bought myself two lovely hard backed colouring books and some good quality crayons awhile back. I have only completed a few pages but I also believe it to be a stress free pastime and an escape from the digital world. I was trying to upload a photo of my ‘creations’ into this comment but don’t think it’s possible!


    1. Ooh I would’ve liked to see a photo of your colouring 🙂 My mother is really into this craze – she colours every
      day. Happy weekend Little Miss Traveller!


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