Cocktails in Helsinki

In Finland alcohol is frightfully expensive and cocktails particularly so. Those of you who know me personally are familiar with the fact that cocktails are my luxury indulgence. At one time I tried to google “cocktail bars in Helsinki” and found nothing. Thus, to make your life easier I have now made a little walking guide for a cocktail-filled evening.

First to Pueblo bar y taqueria. It’s off the beaten track but don’t let that stop you. This bar/restaurant has an easy-going atmosphere. I suggest you have some nachos or tacos with your drinks. After all, you don’t want the cocktails to go to your head! The kitchen closes at 9.30 pm, so make sure you get your order in before that.

There’s a DJ playing music in the evenings.

IMG_5854 (1)

On the menu you will find Latin American cocktails like Mexican Mule and Margaritas – the choices are written above the bar. Perhaps you might want to try some Mexican beers as well.


The cocktails are not the most expensive in Helsinki (around 9-10 euros). My only gripe is that I like my Mojito with crushed ice instead of ice cubes.


Next – just a short walk to my new find – 100dogs. This hip bar has a great atmosphere and many cocktails to choose from. They say they are a “dive bar” but it’s not the 1960’s anymore, so don’t fear – there really isn’t anything disreputable about it. The bar has a cool Tokyo neighbourhood feel about it. Here you can grab a hot dog with your drinks.


100dogs has great customer service.  We were almost immediately greeted and guided to sit by the bar – no need to hesitate at the door, just go on in.

As you can see from the menu – these guys have a sense of humour!

Some Tom Cruise action going on here.


His and Hers cocktails.


Kimchi with your cocktail? If you like a Bloody Mary, then you should try this one and be surprised to see how well these go together. Tomato juice is just not my thing.


The cocktails at 100dogs may not be visually fancy but the taste is right. The prices are ok for Helsinki – 10,50 euros.

Now, if you are still up to it, my route will take you to Liberty or Death.  When you find the address, you might think you are lost as from the outside it looks like it’s closed. Don’t worry though – a world of cocktails awaits behind the black door. Here you will find great customer service and imaginative cocktails. These guys will really go out to make you the sort of cocktail you are craving at this point.

2015-11-27 20.32.54

And last, to the very centre of Helsinki – Michel Diner & Cocktail. The decor of this restaurant pleases the eye – I would call it urban Scandinavian. Michel makes the most alluring cocktails of all – almost too beautiful to drink! They also use fresh produce like berries or a twig of rosemary. After all these drinks, it may be high time to navigate back to your hotel, maybe stopping by a food truck on the way.


Here’s a map to help you out:

Do you have a favourite cocktail bar in Helsinki?


4 thoughts on “Cocktails in Helsinki

  1. A nice post about one of my favourite things – cocktails :P! I have walked past Pueblo countless of times and I have to say that the atmosphere seems very inviting. I just haven’t tried it yet myself. 100 Dogs’ bartenders make such quirky cocktails that you can’t find anything similar in Helsinki. If you want tasty, skilfully crafted cocktails, go to Lilla E. It’s a bit expensive, but well worth the money. Still my all time favourite is Grotesk, because there the customer service, atmosphere, cocktails and quality are just the best :).

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    1. Hi Jerry! Cocktails seem to be trending in Helsinki which is great for us who love them 🙂 And I agree, Lilla E is very special – they really have put a lot of thought in their cocktails. The prices are quite steep though but it’s a very stylish and a lovely place to start off the evening. I have never managed to try Grotesk’s cocktails, will have to do so soon. Thanks for your visit 🙂


  2. Liberty or Death is one of my favorites in Helsinki, 100 Dogs is by the same owners. You should also try their speakeasy themed bar Trillby & Chadwick on Katariinankatu. There aren’t any signs, but as you walk along the short street, you’ll find it.

    The Cock (yes, that’s the name) has also excellent cocktails, especially if there is this big guy behind the bar. Asks for his recommendations.

    Michel is too soulless to my taste as beign part of a big group, but decoration is stylish.

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