Brunch at Peroba Café

Peroba Café is situated in Leppävaara, Espoo. The café is actually in an old villa built around 1910 called Villa Ylänne.


It is not a place you will be likely to wander by. But I can warmly recommend you make a date to meet up with friends at this wonderful place as it really is worth the extra effort.


This villa is an absolute treasure and it really is a miracle it hasn’t been bulldozed down. When you visit, take into account the exquisite windows and the carvings on the doors.


We went for brunch but you can just go for coffee too – the cakes looked divine. Lunch is served on weekdays.


The decor is very calm and stylish.


Just look at how beautifully the sun casts its’ rays into this villa.




Oh and the food! Let’s not forget that. Since Christmas is right around the corner, our brunch had some Christmas influences. We enjoyed caramelised onions, mushroom salad, crayfish salad, pear/walnut/bluecheese salad, salmon, paté, roast beef, carelian pastries, potatoes, goat cheese casserole, braised pork…



And for dessert a fruit salad, gingerbread cookies, cheesecake and plum jam pastries (you can see those at the back on the right below).


You must not forget the different cheese with fig jam! Have you ever tried blue cheese on top of a gingerbread cookie? It might sound like a strange combination but I love it.


Some of you may remember the brunch I had at Bistro Sinne in Porvoo. When comparing these two, you can already guess that Peroba wins hands down. Peroba’s Christmas brunch cost 25 euros and this included juice and coffee/tea and even glögg. Everything was fresh and tasty. I am surprised the word hasn’t got out about this gem yet.

A table reservation for brunch is recommended but you can just walk in for a coffee or lunch other times.

The guestbook is a nice touch – do sign as you leave.


I am already dreaming of a warm summery day when I can visit and have my coffee outside. Peroba would also be a perfect place for a party.. hmm..


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