Cape Coral welcomes 2016

We arrived in Cape Coral on the West coast of Florida on New Years Eve and were informed that the locals like to welcome the New Year at the Marina Village. So we headed down to the marina in the evening to see how the partying was going down.


The shops were open, people were walking around and enjoying drinks, ice cream and so on.


Whoever thought of putting Christmas lights on a boat is a genius – absolutely delightful and festive. Too bad the evenings in Finland don’t get dark during the boating months, as I would love to decorate the boat with some fairy lights. Hmm.. my husband might not be so enthusiastic!


There was a live band too bringing up the mood.


Look at these lights on this boat – so pretty!


Americans have a New Years tradition of something called a “ball drop”. I guess it’s a very big thing especially in New York. Cape Coral had it as well – the ball wasn’t very big and it was lowered down very slowly – not really a huge spectacle but at least I can say I’ve seen it.


What was impressive and beautiful were the gorgeous fireworks. Everyone was prepared with their lawn chairs but we didn’t realise to bring them, so we had to sit on the grass. Which was fine as it was a beautifully warm evening.





Here’s a live sample for you:

I hope 2016 brings you lots of happiness, fun, love and laughter!



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