Cocoa Beach and Cocoa Village

Are you heading for Cocoa Beach, Florida but cannot choose which beach to go to? No fear – I have three recommendations for you – here comes the first one and in addition my thoughts on Cocoa Village.

Begin by finding your car a parking spot. Note that parking in Cocoa Beach is not free, so make sure you pay up before leaving your car in order to avoid a hefty fine. It goes without saying – the earlier you come, the better spot you will get.

My first beach recommendation is situated by the restaurant Coconuts on the beach.


If you are feeling hungry or thirsty, it’s a good idea to stop by this joint. We went early and missed the crowds. Once we left the beach, we noticed that the party was full on even though it was a Sunday.


Coconuts on the Beach serves casual food and you can go in your beach gear.


Still empty – but not for long.


You can observe the beach with your drinks at hand.


And what great drinks they serve – here’s my Pina Colada. What is it with Americans and cocktails? It seems that it’s never too early for a cocktail. You can order one anytime, for lunch or dinner – you name it. As someone who loves cocktails that is fine with me!


We all had burgers – here’s mine with sweet potato fries. Very good I might add.


With your stomach full, it’s time to head to the beach itself.


It is very vast and you can easily find a spot to lay your towel. You can rent chairs and umbrellas. There are no changing rooms – the beach’s public restrooms are situated in the Coconuts on the Beach restaurant.


There are lifeguards to keep you safe.


Like at Wabasso Beach Park – searching for treasures in the sand is something to do here.


Families and friends come here to swim, bike, run, walk and soak in the Florida sun.


There were many seagulls but as far as I saw, none of them were bothering the beachgoers. Children were having fun chasing them into flight.


This is where it’s at:

If you still have energy after your beach day, you might want to pop by historical Cocoa Village. You will find a little center with shops and restaurants, a park and a waterfront boardwalk. Personally, I did not find it very exciting.



We visited on a beautiful Sunday, so the Village was practically deserted as everyone was on the beach.


I was puzzled when I saw an almost sunken sailboat by the waterfront. I heard later, that apparently this is what some people here do – they buy boats, then get scared of boating or bored of it and leave the boats to rot.


Here I’m looking mighty pleased with my ice cream till I noticed it wasn’t particularly good – shame.


Cocoa Village on the map:

Hope you have a fabulous Cocoa beach day!


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