Sebastian Inlet State Park

It was a cold and rainy day when we visited Sebastian Inlet State Park. The weather had attracted fishermen and surfers as this is the premier spot to do both.

The park has a North and South jetty.  There is an entrance fee which covers both the North and South jetty. The North Jetty is more suited for beachgoers if that is what you are seeking. There you can choose to swim on the Atlantic Ocean side or in a tidal cove on the Indian River Lagoon side which seemed popular even on a windy day as there were no waves.

Surprisingly, even though the weather was quite dire, there were people spending time on the beach.


Look at that pier – apparently it’s always crowded.


These guys seem to have professional fishing gear.


The ocean was spotted by surfers waiting for the perfect wave.


There is also a restaurant if you get hungry. We ran in to keep the rain and had a quick drink.


We also visited the South jetty. You will find a camping ground there.


More fishing on the South side. In Florida, you need to have a fishing licence.


I got so excited to see dolphins! It’s funny how the locals didn’t seem at all excited.


These birds were waiting for scraps.


This majestic heron seemed to unfazed by anything.


Have you been to this state park? What did you get up to?


6 thoughts on “Sebastian Inlet State Park

  1. Hieno nojatuolimatkan järjestit jälleen upeilla kuvilla. Kuvien avulla pääsee käymään mukavasti sellaisissa paikoissa joissa ei välttämätä tulisi koskaan itse käytyä =).

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