Boating the Cape Coral canals

On our second week in Florida we rented a holiday home in Cape Coral because we wanted to have an opportunity to get to know the area by boat. Cape Coral is also known as the “Waterfront wonderland” as there is no place in the world that has so many canals – 400 miles/640 km to be exact. All manmade too.

I really loved boating the canals, even though it’s just an obligatory transition to get you out to sea.

You have to take it easy and relax as only idle speed is allowed.


You also have to be careful of the coconuts floating in the water. Sometimes dolphins or manatees swim up the canals too.


This gives you plenty of time to look at the gorgeous and huge villas on the shores.


The canals are marked just like roads. Helpful so you don’t get lost.


Kayaking the canals looked fun.


This guy seems to be taking a small break and enjoying the views.


I wouldn’t mind sitting at this dock in the evening watching the sun setting with a refreshing drink.


This little hut looks more like a mushroom but it seems to also give the people inside some privacy.


Sunshine and sea – what else would you need? Well maybe 900 horse power for your boat.


Or maybe that’s not enough and you actually desire to have 1200 horse power. I’ve never seen so many motors on any boat.


This boat made me sad every time we passed it. No-one has been taking care of it.


I haven’t seen boats like this in Finland. Maybe it’s a Florida thing? Looks like this guy and his dog are not in a hurry to go anywhere.


Sailing didn’t seem to be very popular in Cape Coral. Maybe because the canals are so shallow?


What a patriotic boat!


Sometimes you may need a towboat to help you out.


At the end of the day, after being out and about, our boat needed cleaning before the sun set.


Have you ever rented a boat in Cape Coral? Or do you perhaps have a holiday house and boat by the canals?


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