Ribs in Cape Coral

When in the USA, ribs are in order.

We decided to visit the franchise restaurant Rib City in Cape Coral as we’d never tried it before. Their TripAdvisor rating was very good, although the reviews seemed quite mixed.


It’s very easy to find, just off the Cape Coral Parkway (East).

The restaurant had some cute decorations and funny sayings on the walls. It’s a simple and laid back place to dine. The service was friendly and quick.


I had the baby back ribs with fries and sliced tomatoes. The ribs were tender and very smoky. Exactly what I had come for.


Our son decided to opt for the corn cobbette and fries with his rib basket. I was a bit surprised about the garlic bread as I didn’t realise it would be just a piece of white toast. The meal didn’t really need that, there was enough to eat without it.


You could add your own sauces too – we had mustard, sweet and hot sauce to choose from. All in all, the experience was a positive one.


I saw many customers taking their leftover food home, but we managed to finish our portions without any trouble. I wonder what that tells you about our appetites! In Finland it’s very uncommon for someone to request to take home unfinished food except sometimes pizza. In Florida everyone was doing it all the time and the phrase they used was “to box the rest”.


Have you been to Rib City? Where do you like to go for your rib cravings?


6 thoughts on “Ribs in Cape Coral

  1. Those ribs look delicious and the sauces sound perfect too – never been to this restaurant franchise, definitely one to note down!! We are always struck by people taking leftovers home in America, not something that is the norm here either.

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  2. I noticed in NYC restaurants lots of people taking uneaten food home like that. Like you, we always finished ours. Perhaps Americans order more than they can eat so they don’t have to prepare their own meal the next day!! The ribs look tasty. xx

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