The coolest café in Helsinki – Café Regatta

First, I want to apologize to all my friends who have travelled to Finland and I failed to take you to this café. I have no idea how it’s even possible but I seriously had never visited it myself! Regatta sure is something you shouldn’t miss when in Helsinki.

Café Regatta is situated by the sea in the Töölö neighbourhood. It’s open from morning till evening every single day of the year. In summer be prepared for long queues.


Welcome to the beach?! Some Finnish humour going on here.


If you want to have your coffee outside and it’s cold – no fear – there are blankets at hand.


There’s even a fire and some furs to sit on.


You can buy sausages inside to grill outside.

IMG_2247 (1)

This signboard outside contains a Finnish saying – “punainen tupa ja perunamaa” which means “a red cottage and a potato field”. The saying comes from the fact that apparently many Finns dream of having a little red cottage with the possibility of farming potatoes..

IMG_2244 (1)

How about sitting in a rocking chair? Maybe not in winter!


Looks inviting – go on, step in! Do have some cash with you so you can buy some goodies. Regatta will soon have the possibility of paying by card but at the time I was there the machine wasn’t in operation yet.


It’s very dimly lit inside and my photos did not do it justice, so you will just have to make do with a picture of my delicious “korvapuusti” – ie. cinnamon bun. The decor is very eccentric – you will see what I mean when you go.


I definitely want to visit Regatta in summer. Imagine a summer’s evening when the sun doesn’t set, sitting outside with a cup of tea and korvapuusti – perfection.



Merikannontie 8
00260 Helsinki

After or before your visit you can make a quick stop to the nearby Sibelius park to see the Sibelius monument by Eila Hiltunen. The monument is dedicated to the Finnish composer Jean Sibelius who we Finns see as our greatest composer. I used to think this monument was very ugly but now I just think it’s quite cool.


The last time I was at this particular park was when I was a child. But I’ve been itching to take a photo of these pipes for ages.


Have you had a chance to visit Café Regatta? What is your favourite café in Helsinki? What do you think of the Sibelius monument?


34 thoughts on “The coolest café in Helsinki – Café Regatta

  1. Hi, a friend sent me this link as she thought me and my Social Media followers would like it and she wasn’t wrong, it’s definitely our kind of place. I looks lovely so I hope to pop in when we visit Helsinki.

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    1. Hi traveljems! I hope you are coming to Helsinki soon 🙂 If you come in summer it will be great to sit outside in the evening when it hardly gets dark! I am sure you will love this place. Thank you for your visit to my blog, hope to see you again soon.


  2. Regatta is my favourite too, and I love Sibelius Park. Another good one, but a bit more expensive, is Cafe Ursula at the bottom of Kaivopuisto, by the sea.

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  3. I will definitely visit cafe Regatta when I’m traveling to Helsinki next time :). I was trying to find some similar place last summer and now I know where to go ;). Thanks for sharing!

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  4. We were traveling with friends who had never been to Europe before. We had developed a phrase, “Would you like to go to a smaller cafe?” It meant that we were on vacation, we had all the time in the world, shall we continue what we’re already doing, but somewhere that’s even cozier? We ended up at Cafe Regatta, and my friend said, “Well, I think we’ve found the smallest cafe we’re ever going to find right here.” It was very cozy, warm, & friendly, and it is indeed the smallest cafe I’ve ever been in. Thanks very much for the post, it reminded me of how much I like Helsinki.

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    1. Hi Rick and thank you for your lovely story and for stopping by 🙂 I am so glad you found Cafe Regatta, it really is something very special in Helsinki! I hope you can visit soon again.


  5. How funny I have a wee post coming up that references Cafe Regatta, as well! We absolutely loved it in summer and it looks so charming in winter, too! I love that you can grill sausages outdoors, although it does look a bit nippy. 🙂

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  6. I adore this cafe, we visit every summer. We walk from Ruoholahti along past the graveyard and then to the beach and follow the path all the way along for a delicious pulla bun and cup of coffee. It’s just one of my many favourite Helsinki / Espoo cafes. In Vuorsaari we love the old Cafe Kampela where we can sit on the terrace admiring the fine views and yachts!, I’m sure you must have been there, too. xx

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    1. I went to this cafe twice. It is really nice place, especially coffee and cinnamon bun. No matter sitting outdoor or indoor, I can feel the fantasic atmosphere around. Wish I can go to visit this cafe again.

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      1. Hi Pam Pun and thank you for visiting my blog! I am so happy to hear that you have lovely memories of this cafe and that you had a chance to go twice. I hope you can come back one day. xx


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