Photo challenge – Time

This weeks photo challenge is time. A while back, I had the opportunity to visit Mashimoni, a primary school in the biggest urban slum in Africa – Kibera. When opening the gates, you felt like you’d been transported into an oasis after the hustle and bustle of what is everyday life to hundreds of thousands of people living in the slum.

My chosen photograph shows children’s shoes. The shoes show the wear and tear of time. If shoes could tell stories, what would these shoes tell us? They must have had other owners before finding their way to Kenya and to each particular child. Intriguing.


The Balcraig Foundation/Kenya Children’s Home makes quality education and a safe school environment possible for around 600 children in Kibera. In addition, the children are provided two meals a day thanks to the World Food Programme. The children are very motivated about learning and happy to have the chance to go to school.

If you are interested in Mashimoni and it’s students, have a peek here.


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5 thoughts on “Photo challenge – Time

    1. How amazing to hear you went on a teacher exchange! Which school was it? I was only on a visit for the work I do, nothing to do with teaching unfortunately. It is an amazing school nevertheless! 🙂


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