Cayo Costa State Park by boat

As we’d chosen Cape Coral for boating, we decided to take the opportunity to visit the Cayo Costa State Park which is only accessible by your own boat or ferry.

It was quite a long way from the dock by our rented house in Cape Coral but my husband was determined to visit this island. In the end, we didn’t really have a lot of time to explore, as we had to get back before it got dark. I suggest you arrive early, so you can hike or bike around without any rush.

Unfortunately for us, the weather wasn’t the best on our Cape Coral week. But as Finns, we did not let that stop us. It was a cool, windy day but the sun was out.

The dock wasn’t crowded as the holidays were over. You can even rent a cabin or a tent at Cayo Costa and stay overnight. Many people seemed to be doing that.


You pay a small fee of two dollars per person in an honor box when you arrive.


From the boat docks, we took a truck to the beach on the other side. You can also hike there or bike if you prefer. The truck was the easy option!


Yes sir – this really is the “real” Florida. No Miami South Beach types around here..


The flag was green but the wind was so cold that we didn’t feel like swimming.


The beach itself looked very beautiful and untouched.


My son and I had fun shelling. Apparently people have found shark’s teeth here but had no such luck.


This couple had caught a fish!


Kayaking seemed the thing to do as well.


I really must mention the rangers in this park. They are super friendly and very happy to help you. You will just feel in a good mood just talking to them.


Have you ever visited Cayo Costa? Do you know other interesting places in the area which are only accessible by boat?


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