The oldest café in Tallinn – Maiasmokk

Maiasmokk is Estonian for “sweet tooth”. As you can imagine, a café with a name like that is a must for anyone fond of cakes and pastries.

Maiasmokk café is located in the Old Town of Tallinn. It was established in 1864, making it the oldest café in town.


Miraculously, the decor has been unchanged since 1913, so visiting is like taking a trip back in time. You can easily imagine coffee lovers arriving with their horse carriages or automobiles, gentlemen with their top hats and ladies with gloves sitting down to enjoy some of Maiasmokk’s famous offerings.


My mom and I popped in the café on our day trip to Tallinn after we’d walked off the lunch we’d enjoyed at Fabrik. Maiasmokk is one of our favourite places for the ambiance and of course the cakes.


Usually the café is very crowded but we visited Monday early afternoon, so there were plenty of places to choose from.


Salty pastries, pies, cakes, biscuits – you name it!



We opted for the biscuit cake. In my opinion this is the most delicious cake ever. I have also tasted the Tiramisu cake which was almost as good.


I love how the newspapers are on display for you to take and read. The thingamajig by the window is a coffee cup carousel.


What I found out on this visit was that there is even an upstairs! So if you do not find a seat when entering, just go up one floor and you will be bound to find a table. How about this romantic place for two? It has a lovely view too.


This café just resonates history.


There are two entrances to the café. The first one goes directly into the café and the one below will take you to the Marzipan Museum room.


There you will find marzipan figurines, cards and cakes on display, many being over 100 years old.

You can also buy marzipan and chocolate to take home. You should know that the marzipan at Maiasmokk was so renowned that it was fit for the Russian Czar and his family.


Or you might want to sit down on the plush sofas and have a taste of the famous marzipan whilst enjoying a warm drink.


Pikk tn 16

Have you been to Maiasmokk? Do you have a favourite cake there?


20 thoughts on “The oldest café in Tallinn – Maiasmokk

  1. We had to skip it, cause there was no time for a stop in our busy schedule 😦 After reading this review, I’m dedicated to make it happen next time we are in Tallinn 🙂

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    1. How lovely to hear that you went to Maiasmokk when you were small 🙂 And yes, you are right about Tallinn being fantastic for cakes and such, I always make a point of visiting a café when there!

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