Weekly Favourites

Wow, this week has flown by fast and it’s Friday already. This is my first attempt at writing a post about all my favourites from this past week. When I started thinking about all the positive things that had happened, I noticed there were just too many to list!

Those of you who are my Instagram followers (@mrssuviblog) may guess that my favourite happening was the Helsinki Boat Show. Actually it’s still on for this weekend, so you still have time to visit if you are into boating. What I noticed was that the textiles for boats (as in pillows, kitchen towels, laundry bags..) were much more interesting at the Helsinki boat show than at boot Dusseldorf. For example the Portuguese New Coast Design stand was very tempting – can one ever have too many pillows on a boat?

IMG_2812 (1)

My mom’s birthday was on Tuesday. I won’t tell you how old she is as she wouldn’t like that. We gave my mom the best card ever. No, I don’t mean a credit card! Or a birthday card. What I do mean is a museum card. In Finland you can purchase a card which enables you to visit museums for free as many times as you like in a year. A couple of my friends have these and I actually really want to get a card like this as soon as possible as I’ve noticed I’ve started frequenting museums more often these days.


My favourite bread was baked from scratch and had cranberries mixed in the dough. Hubby bought me a bread machine a few years back as a present and I was really offended! I don’t think kitchen appliances are very nice presents. At first I stuck it in the kitchen cupboard and refused to use it. But these days I do appreciate it (and I’m sure my family does too) as it’s so easy to just throw in the ingredients and let the machine knead the dough. I don’t like to use it to bake the bread though as I think it gives it a weird flavour, so I pop the dough in the oven.


This weeks best lunch was from Café Daja, a German café in the Kruununhaka neighbourhood. Spicy chorizo flammkuchen. You cannot have this treat very often as it’s on the heavy side but once in a while it’s spot on. At Café Daja they have many different flammkuchens to choose from, also for vegetarians. The salads there look very tasty too.

IMG_2911 (1)

My favourite café stop was with a friend after aqua swimming. I will be blogging about this cute café in Helsinki in a while.


One of the very best moments of the week was walking in Helsinki and watching the sun rise. I never used to even notice sunrises or sunsets as I was too busy – or at least thought I was. These days I find myself appreciating these special moments in life.



I would love to hear about your favourite things this week in the comments below!


18 thoughts on “Weekly Favourites

  1. Wou! You had a busy week! I loved your mom’s birthday gift. 🙂 My week was quite slow as usual, but I strarted this new yoga routine and that was fun. Even convinced my husband to strat it with me next week 🙂

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