SOUP in Helsinki

I don’t usually frequent the Töölö neighbourhood in Helsinki, so unfortunately many restaurants go unnoticed. Luckily, I had the chance to discover SOUP.

I visited SOUP with my friend Niina after some pampering at a beauty salon nearby. A paraffin wax bath for your hands really does wonders in winter!

The restaurant is the work of two British guys who wanted to bring some wholesome food to the fast food scene.


The decor is minimalistic and pleases the eye.

IMG_2216 (1)

On our visit there were four soups on offer. You could sample all four for 9 euros and the price included coffee and tea as well. Not bad.  In addition, there were all kinds of garnishes you could throw on top.


Tomato soup. A simple soup but with the right spices it can be delightful. SOUP definitely nailed it.


The bread is freshly baked on the premises every day. A nice crust with a soft inside. Perfect with butter.


My favourite was the sweet potato soup with coconut milk. These soups really have flavour. The turnip soup was awesome – I don’t know how often you associate turnips with deliciousness. Maybe that’s why they called it the Finnish name “lanttu” even though all the other soups’ names were in English. There was also some beetroot soup but as beetroot is not my cup of tea, I didn’t sample it.


Remember the brown tableware I was reminiscing about on my visit to restaurant Regina? Here they are again! A sure sign that these cups and plates are trending.


There are several restaurants that have a soupy concept in Helsinki but in my opinion this is the best one. So if craving a filling but healthy lunch, head to Töölö for your fix.

Helsinginkatu 16
00530 Helsinki

Have you had a chance to sample these mouthwatering soups? Do you have a favourite soup?


8 thoughts on “SOUP in Helsinki

  1. Good morning – I just got very hungry 🙂

    Seems like a lovely place to go and kind of reminds me of Polish places with home style food. Because of simplicity mostly 🙂

    I love tomato soup and if I could, I would eat some just right now!

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