Activities for teens near Cape Coral

Are you holidaying in Cape Coral or Ft. Myers and your teenagers need something to do other than the beach or boating? Here are two great suggestions for you. Both are also great for cloudy days and great evening activities too.

How about a round of mini-golf with the family? Castle Golf is your answer.


I have never seen such lush surroundings for mini-golf!


There are 18 holes on the course.


Be sure to pick different coloured golf balls. There are “vending machines” around the course where you can rent a new ball if you lose yours.



Castle golf has a medieval theme. No cheating now or you’ll be put in the gallows!


At every hole there are benches where you can sit or lay down your belongings. There are also picnic tables and chairs in the area, so you can stop for a snack or drink.


The place is really well maintained and pristine.


I didn’t win but had a ton of fun anyway. I wish mini-golf was like this in Finland.


My second suggestion for you is Game Time – an entertainment center in the Gulf Coast Town Center in Ft. Myers. It had actually just been opened when we visited. Inside you will find a “mega-arcade” with over 120 video games and other games to keep you busy.


One hour cost 15 US dollars and you can always top-up or initially buy gaming time for a longer period. There are also all access credits which allow you to win prizes but we did not go for that.



This is a great rainy day activity too. There is a bar and restaurant inside as well, if you happen to get thirsty or hungry whilst playing. In addition, the center where Game Time is located has tons of restaurants to choose from.


Surprisingly an hour is actually quite a short time. So the boys visited again on another day.


Have you visited either of these places?


6 thoughts on “Activities for teens near Cape Coral

    1. You are right, the landscaping really is fabulous. We had to really look for our son’s ball and fish it from a little stream, it took a while to find it! So the vending machine was almost needed 🙂

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