Weekly Favourites

I’ve had a busy week – museums, good food and I discovered a cute new book too!

Good news – with the beginning of March, winter is officially over. Summer is finally a tad closer thank goodness. The best thing about this week has been the sunlight. It’s just so energizing!


Despite the gorgeous weather, last Friday evening I just wanted to stay at home and unwind and felt like watching something fun. The best tv show in that case can be found on Netflix and it’s Drop Dead Diva. The storyline may sound weird  – an aspiring model dies in a car crash but comes back bigger and brainier in a successful lawyer’s body – but the show is perfect for those moments when all you need is light entertainment. I think I’ve missed some of Season 2 but it’s easy to jump on board anywhere along the series.


As you can guess from my post on Soviet art in Helsinki – my favourite museum experience was the Didrichsen art museum with my mom. In addition to this, I can recommend the The Finnish Museum of Photography‘s Festival of Political Photography. At this very time, when immigrants are fleeing to Europe in masses, the exhibition really is very current. I liked Katja Tähjä’s Undocumented Lives series, where she has captured the lives and stories of people living in Europe without identity documents. The exhibition is food for thought.


My favourite sushi moment was after the photography museum at Sushibar & Wine near the Kamppi shopping center with my friend Katri. This restaurant has very good sushi. And wine. If the restaurant is full, you have to raise your voice to have a conversation and I’ve had better wakame salad elsewhere, but the fact that they have combined Japanese food with Finnish design (furniture, tableware..) is just really cool. Be prepared to wait to be seated – it’s a very popular restaurant. Many people turned on their heels when they saw how many people were waiting for a table.


The week’s best tea moment was when I was invited to Café Ekberg to celebrate a very special boy’s adoption. I have been together with this family on their adoption path for years and years. It really was a joy to finally see them together live instead of just in pictures. Also, the cake wasn’t bad either – do try the Budapest cake if ever there!


The best book discovery was about braids (Letille – Jenni Petänen & Laura Mendelin). Unfortunately it’s in Finnish but there are very good photos demonstrating how the braids should be done. Are people crazy about braids where you live? I love braids but am really useless at brading these days.


My friend Niina has really been inspired by this book and made this gorgeous heart braid
hairdo for her daughter.


My favourite (and only, hehe) party was Niina’s son’s confirmation. Niina makes the best cakes ever – this time she had whipped up a gluten free chocolate mint cake. And, in addition, she was serving the best marshmallows I’ve ever tasted and the most divine macarons that melt in your mouth. Both of these she had ordered from ph7 and I will definitely order some from there myself if ever needed. I must pop in their shop on Ateneuminkuja one of these days.


She had also ordered some Chocorons from ph7. Chocorons are macarons covered in dark chocolate. What. I had never heard of them, how about you? I must say after tasting one, I have to confess that I love macarons as they are and don’t really want any chocolate covering them.

And finally, Thursday evening was my favourite get-together, as I met two of my ex-colleagues. It’s been hard to get used to not be able to chat together every day like we did for years at the office but I guess that’s life for you. It’s a good feeling to know I can always count on these two ladies to offer support whatever crisis I may be in or come together to celebrate whenever good things happen.

I can’t wait to hear how your week played out!


12 thoughts on “Weekly Favourites

  1. Your week sounds delightful with all the places you get to visit and delicious bites:-). The Undocumented Lives series must be a real food for thought, I need to visit Helsinki one of these days. Love your posts!

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  2. What a lovely week you’ve had – plenty of good food and lovely experiences!! Love that heart braid, so beautiful and so clever, I could never do something like that. We are shivering here at the moment, the weather hasn’t realised it is spring and we have our first day of snow!! Hope your weekend is a good one too.

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  3. Such a cheerful post Suvi, it’s fun to read about your week , I know Cafe Ekberg but had not heard of chocoruns either, covering them in dark chocolate seems to defeat the object as they lose that delicious soft, melt in the mouth sensation! Snow is falling here this morning, thought it was supposed to be Spring! Have a lovely weekend – I’m at home, catching up on jobs, after so many nice trips away recently xx

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  4. It’s always a contrast between people living in cold and hot countries. out here we wish for rain, clouds and winter season because we have hot and sunny climate -going all the way up to 46C!! Whereas you wish for some sun!!
    I love the deep blue sky in your pictures. it’s just not possible here except for winter month of jan and feb!!

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    1. Heheh, I can just imagine that you’d be wishing for some cooler air in 46C! Yikes. I am a summer person but that’s just way too hot. Happy weekend!

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