Don Wai Riverside Market

Don Wai Riverside Market in the Nakhon Pathom province in Thailand is local market with fresh produce, cooked food and even flower arrangements. If you are looking for a wet market, this is not it, as it’s a covered market by the riverside. If you do visit, you should go in the morning before it’s too busy.

On they way to the Market by boat.

Still very quiet in the morning.

2015-07-27 05.44.59

Some duck or crabs perhaps?

The market was very trendy – you could find Frozen slippers or even macarons!

Pomelo to go?
2015-07-27 05.36.54

My favourites – green mangoes!

2015-07-27 05.47.31

I wished I could’ve taken these beautiful lotus flowers or flower pots home.

Do make a point of visiting a local market at least once if in Thailand and buy some pomelo to eat along the way.


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