A flowery café – Fleuriste

A dear friend of mine, Niina, has a love for flowers. When I first heard about Fleuriste, I knew we’d have to go there together!

Fleuriste is a French café near the center of Helsinki. It’s known for it’s flowers, elegance and of course tasty home-baked goods. The café is open Tuesdays to Saturdays.


I’ve heard many good things about their breakfast and the Saturday brunch sounds interesting too. Niina and I visited for lunch.


It’s easy to go on an imaginary trip to France at Fleuriste. You might see yourself sitting in Paris sipping a cappuccino. I saw many people come alone to this café – just to enjoy coffee and take a moment to themselves, reading a book or just in their own thoughts. In summer, you can sit in the courtyard.


Don’t you just love these Chinese cupboards? Okay, those roses are pretty neat too.


The lunch special was salad with goat’s milk brie, pears and almonds. Mmm.. this is a great combination and would be easy to replicate at home. There was some really tasty looking quiche too but I think I need to stick to salads now.


The bread was super soft and tasty. Thank goodness there wasn’t more than two pieces – I could’ve eaten a whole loaf especially since I’d just been aqua running! The gluten free bread was spot on as well – apparently often gluten free bread is wanting but not this time. Actually, Niina said it’s one of the best she’s tasted.


Who wouldn’t love a flower arrangement like this? A little tip – you can order wedding bouquets from the owner. We saw photos of some she’d made and they were gorgeous. Some people are lucky to have a special eye for things like that.


How about some chocolate cake for dessert? Or a glass of wine?


We decided to just have tea. Fleuriste has a two page tea list, so you will be sure to find something you like. This is a huge plus – thank goodness cafés in Helsinki are finally starting to take tea seriously.


Uudenmaankatu 13
00120 Helsinki

Have you visited Fleuriste? Have you ever visited a flowery café somewhere around the world?



12 thoughts on “A flowery café – Fleuriste

  1. So pretty! Such cafes like this are springing up in Bangsar and PJ, Malaysia too – some serve good coffee and/or food, some serve mediocre food but the ambience is fantastic 🙂 I like to read your posts on these cute cafes and restaurants in Helsinki, very interesting.

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    1. Thank you Kat! I hope you make it to my side of the world one of these days 🙂 I was so surprised to see Bangsar last time I was there – the houses that had been transformed into shophouses and cafés – such a cool area these days!

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  2. Interesting place! Are Finnish people fond of tea or coffee? Just asking since there is huge assortment of tea to choose whereas many people come here for Coffee!

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          1. It’s good to know that local cafe are doing very well. Personally, I feel that local cafe offers lot of breathing space and variety. Chain stores often kills the variety and standardizes things. I’m sure Roberts coffee must be really good! 🙂

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