Uunisaari Island in Winter

In front of the Kaivopuisto park, you will find the island of Uunisaari. The only time you can access the island by foot is in the winter months when a bridge is constructed to connect it to the mainland.

This year, the bridge will be gone on the 10th of April.


On the island, you can find a café and even saunas which are open every Sunday till the bridge is taken away. Men and women have separate saunas and you don’t have to reserve a place beforehand. Do check their Facebook page for times and prices.


We went to the island on a Saturday which happened to be Helsinki’s Sauna Day. The next Sauna Day is in October 2016.


I really admire anyone who can swim in the wintery sea.


On a sunny days you will find many people strolling on the island.


The sea was still icy but it’s too dangerous to walk on the ice anymore.


Finns will enjoy the beach even in winter.


There is a nice terrace outside the café, so you can enjoy the crisp Spring air. The café offers cinnamon buns and salmon soup among other yummy treats. The island is very popular for events like summer weddings.


I love walking on the rocks.


Seeing the open sea makes you long for boating.


Wohoo – it’s Spring – Summer is on it’s way!


The island is worth visiting even just for this view. I simply love Helsinki’s jugend buildings.


We decided to go for drinks to Mattolaituri which was open for the first time this Spring. It’s situated on the mainland facing Uunisaari island.


No yachts in sight yet.


The name of the bar/café comes from the docks situated in front of it. Matto means carpet and laituri means dock. This is a special dock used for washing carpets in summer. There are 13 docks like this around the seaside of Helsinki.


Everyone seemed to be in a jolly mood enjoying drinks and small snacks.


The sun makes me so happy.


You can just imagine this terrace in summer when all the boats are going past. Now we only saw some people on kayaks – very brave of them – the water is still icy.


“It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.” – Charles Dickens, Great Expectations

Have you been to Uunisaari or Mattolaituri?


13 thoughts on “Uunisaari Island in Winter

  1. Yes, I’ve been to Mattolairuri , too! On summer evenings it’s sometimes difficult to find a seat but I love it there, just sitting with a drink watching the boats and people go by. It looks nice now, too and I didn’t know about the island winter bridge.

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    1. Lovely to hear that you have been to Mattolaituri, it really is a popular spot on warm summer evenings and even now in Spring when the sun is out!


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