This week’s photo challenge is Dance. A while back, I had the pleasure toย visit Bulgaria’s beautiful capital, Sofia, for work and had a try at traditional Bulgarian folk dance at the touristy restaurant Chevermeto.

First, the professionals showed us how it was done.


And then the audience was invited to join in. I was just trying to go in the right direction and not step on anyones toes but some of the people from the audience danced like professionals. I figure that either their hobby is traditional Bulgarian dance or they must come to this restaurant often.

IMG_4357 (1)

The food in Bulgaria is delicious. This restaurant was no exception. Maybe the fact that our hosts were locals and knew what to order had something to do with it though. On the right, my favourite Bulgarian dish – Shopska salad.


Looking through my archives I found funny photos of myself dancing in Johannesburg and Nairobi too. If you ever get chances like this – don’t hesitate to seize the opportunity. I will cherish all these experiences forever even though I’m sure I looked a bit silly at the time!



13 thoughts on “Dance

  1. A surprising number of Bulgarians of all ages enjoy folk dancing and will stand up and join a horo at the drop of a hat – in restaurants, at weddings and christenings, holiday celebrations, anywhere really. I’ve been married to a Bulgarian for over two decades, lived there, speak the language, even majored in dance in undergraduate school, and yet I have never had the courage you did to join in. Bravo!

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  2. What beautiful photos! Sofia.looks like somewhere else to add to my long list of places to visit! The only place I’ve joined in a traditional dance was Tallinn, at the Open Air Museum where I partnered a local dancer for the Polka. Like you, I’d no idea what I was supposed to be doing but enjoyed my twirls round the dance floor!

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    1. Hehe, the dancing at the Open Air Museum sounds like a lot of fun! Sofia is great – not so many tourists as in Prague and that lot!


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