Streat Helsinki

Gone are the days when foodies bypassed Helsinki as a boring city. These days Helsinki has many happening food events, of which one is Streat Helsinki – held in the Spring.

This year Streat Helsinki had three different events. Masters, Eats and Grills. I attended Eats which was on Saturday. The Torikortteli quarters in Helsinki were filled with different food trucks or tents (or even bikes!) selling all kinds of yummy dishes.


There were stands around the area where you could find maps indicating each participating restaurant. And boy where there many of them! I’d researched the restaurants and their menus beforehand and thus knew what I was looking for.


Tables and benches were available all around the area.


A while back, I raved about the bao bun at Fabrik in Tallinn. Now, to my delight, they were in Helsinki with their dark bao bun. It reached all my expectations for sure. I just love the wakame salad and ginger in it.


It was great to see how people of all ages have found the event.


We went around midday but food was served till 7 pm.


JK Streetfood’s Southern Gumbo with Blackened Shrimp & Cajun Sausage was so good – really tasty and filled with spices.


Social Food had very long queues – everyone loves burgers.


The chilly weather did not stop folks from enjoying the day.


B-smokery’s lamb plate was a major attraction.


Levant serves Syrian-Lebanese vegetarian food – we went for the Levant meze. I just love hummus and tsatsiki.


If you are ever in Helsinki during this street food event, make sure you check it out – whatever the weather! I regret not getting a crepe filled with strawberries and kiwi fruit from Cone’s – hopefully I will find them selling their cones around Helsinki this summer.


Were you at Streat Helsinki? Is street food a big thing where you live? What kind of food events do you enjoy?

*Hot off the press* – you can discover Street Food Carnival in the Suvilahti neighbourhood in Helsinki on 29.-30.7.2016. Yay for Helsinki!


27 thoughts on “Streat Helsinki

    1. Did you notice that I just added the dates of Street Food Carnival to the end of the post? So if you are in Helsinki end of July, you will get a chance to sample all kinds of things 😀 I am still dreaming of those crepes, I hope they will be a regular sight on the streets of Helsinki.


  1. Oh wow this looks awesome, I spent a day in Helsinki when I visited a friend in Estonia and it wasn’t enough time there. If I visit again I will have to make sure it coincides with a street food festival 🙂

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