Tampa Electric Manatee Viewing Center

Florida brings to mind dolphins and manatees. Out of these two, manatees seem more mysterious as they are harder to spot. If you hope to catch a glimpse of this gentle creature, head to the Tampa Electric Manatee Viewing Center.

You will be glad to know that parking and the center itself are free.

Florida 2013 408

The plant discharges clean, warm water into the canal and the manatees come there to escape the colder waters. The canal is actually a state and federally designated manatee sanctuary.

Florida 2013 415

There they are. Do note that the manatees are not always in the canal, so there is no guarantee that you will see any. Manatees reside in Florida only during the winter months and migrate North in summer.

Florida 2013 416

The center is open from November to mid-April but the manatees’ migration patterns vary. This year visitors have reported that the manatees had already left by March as the sea water had warmed up by then.

Florida 2013 433

I just can’t get enough of baby manatees. Manatees are herbivores and love seagrass and everything green.

Florida 2013 438

The manatee breathes through its’ nostrils and gets up to take air even when sleeping, every 7 to 20 minutes.

Florida 2013 441

If you are going to boat in Florida, you need to observe manatee areas carefully. It would be a disaster to hit one of these cuties.

Florida 2013 428

Have you ever seen manatees? What are you favourite aquatic creatures?


9 thoughts on “Tampa Electric Manatee Viewing Center

  1. I’ve been to that spot many many times.. I have the worst luck…I’ve never seen any manatees;(.. All that means is I’ll just have to keep going back;)! Thanks for the shots, awesome!!!!!

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