The Ounce – for tea lovers in Helsinki

I like to look for tea shops on my travels. When returning from London my suitcase was filled with tea from Fortnum & Mason! But what I hadn’t realized is that we have some quite wonderful tea shops right here in Helsinki.

The Ounce has two shops/cafés in the city center. One near Kamppi on Fredrikinkatu and the other on Iso-Roobertinkatu. You will recognize the shop by Sir Edward in the window sipping his tea.


Inside, you will find many different flavors to choose from – anything from white tea to oolong. I am quite obsessed with black tea, so I had no eyes for any other sorts of tea.


The service was nice and friendly, so do have a chat while choosing your tea. Upholding British traditions, the shop uses ounces to measure the tea. The decor reminds you of 1800’s England.


It’s very cosy inside and you can stay for a pot of tea.


I was in a rush to go meet friends for dinner, so I bought three different black teas to taste at home. Interesting fact – The Ounce has a shop in St. Petersburg too!


What better way to enjoy my new tea than make some scones? Aren’t these little paper bags cute?


My scones recipe:

2,5 cups of white flour
1 tablespoon baking powder
0,5 teaspoon of salt
8 tablespoons of butter
0,25 cups of granulated sugar
0,75 cups of milk

Heat oven to 220°C. Stir flour, baking powder, sugar and salt together in a bowl. Add butter which has been cut up into small pieces and rub it in with your fingers. Add sugar. Add milk gradually whilst stirring until you have a firm dough. Now roll the dough into a kind of stick. Then proceed to cut the stick into 10-12 pieces. Put the pieces onto the cookie sheet circle side up, so that when the dough rises in the oven, it will become a round scone. Bake for around 12 minutes.

Enjoy with jam and cream. No clotted cream for me thanks!

Do you prefer tea or coffee? What kind of tea do you like? What are your favourite scone toppings?


26 thoughts on “The Ounce – for tea lovers in Helsinki

  1. Love this post! The Ounce looks so quaint and cozy, I will check it out when I am in Helsinki. I drink both coffee and black tea, but anything tastes wonderful from a Moomin cup!

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    1. I love Moomin cups! My Danish friend thinks it’s weird that everyone, including adults own Moomin cups.. I guess we are not as stylish as the Danes 😛


    1. Hi Miriam! Thank you for visiting 🙂 Oh you are lucky to live in London with all the lovely afternoon tea places. In Helsinki we only have two for afternoon tea!


  2. lovely and very cosy place, love the photo with the books in the background… 🙂
    I love both tea and coffee, right now actually I’m having a cup of coffee with cold milk, while reading your blog 🙂 as for tea, my fav should be any tea that has ginger in it 🙂 also mint tea 🙂

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    1. My favourite thing is to sit down with a tea/latte and read blogs or a book. I love ginger but ginger sweets or tea aren’t my cuppa (hehe) 🙂


  3. What a lovely cafe! I wish that I had read your post before we went to Helsinki. I stayed with a friend in Espoo over Easter and I was delighted to discover that she (like me) starts the day with a cup of Earl Grey tea (by Clipper). She also served us delicious green tea from Tajikistan and gave us a bag to take home with us. I have to say that we also had lovely coffee with her, including coffee that we made on a campfire in Väärälampi. I’m definitely impressed!

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  4. I’m a green tea drinker 🙂 I’ve been to The Ounce once, though, (Fredrikinkatu) and the decor was just great. Felt like I was in the 1800’s. Have you tried Théhuone on Eerikinkatu? I haven’t…yet.

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    1. Thehuone looks really nice from the outside but I haven’t tried it yet. Thanks for reminding me 🙂 They sell really gorgeous tea pots as well!


  5. I enjoy both tea and coffee, tea mid afternoon and at bedtime and coffee at breakfast, mid morning and after dinner. As for scones, I love clotted cream on them but whipped cream is almost as nice. I always spread the jam on first. I sometimes bake scones as they are quick and easy but more often I buy them from the bakers!! Hope you got some nice Fazer or Lindt Easter Eggs yesterday!!

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    1. I too, think that jam comes first. I have to give clotted cream another try soon. No Easter eggs for me this year as I am desperately trying to cut down sugar, I’m such a sugar addict! I did have some at work last week though 😛

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