This week’s photo challenge is Landscape.

This landscape was taken in Kenya, in the Rift Valley region. We were driving in a van – four of us in the back without seatbelts (there were none!) when the driver suddenly swerved the car off the road. Bump, bump, bump he drove on with a purpose. Minutes later, we knew why – the driver had spotted giraffes roaming around the valley. What a magical experience to get out of the van and see these beautiful creatures in their own habitat right there in front of us. Not something everyone gets to experience on a work trip!

Nairobi 077

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9 thoughts on “Landscape

  1. I lived in South Africa for about 6 months, I got to go to a wildlife park, but my budget was so tight at the time that I never got to do a Safari like you did. I can only imagine how it feels to see these magnificent animals in their own habitat. Your photo really shows how alive these giraffes are.

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    1. Wow how lucky to live in SA, I simply love it and I’ve only been to Jo’burg.

      Actually, this photo was not taken on a safari! We were driving to the Soila Masaai Girl’s School from Nairobi (it was a work trip to Kenya) and this suddenly happened 🙂

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