Breakfast in Ratingen, Germany

Did you know that Ratingen town is older than Dusseldorf? We chose to stay in Ratingen to have easy access to the Dusseldorf airport and the boat show for which we traveled to Germany.

My favourite meal of the day is breakfast. And what a lovely breakfast place we found!

We had no idea what was in Ratingen, so we just started aimlessly walking around in search of food. Good for us that we stumbled upon the Old Town.


There were many bakeries to get fresh pastries for breakfast or a snack.


The market square has been the place to buy goods since the middle of the 14th century.


A public bookcase in the middle of the Old Town. Have you seen those before? It’s a cabinet which can be freely to exchange books – such a great idea.


The Old Town is such a quaint place. Apparently it still looks the same as in the medieval times.


The Catholic church St. Peter and Paul is known for having three bells.


Konditorei-Café Jland-Vogt looked most inviting. We ended up having breakfast there twice.


Some tea, please.


How about an “Unser Klassiker” breakfast?


Or maybe “Fitness Frühstück”? Look at that huge bowl of muesli. I’m not sure if you can count that as Fitness..


What gorgeous cakes there would’ve been..


Our last morning in Ratingen was a Sunday. Unfortunately our trusty café wasn’t open.  BackWerk was the only option. We did get some juice, bread, coffee and very friendly service. Haha, I don’t look that pleased with my bread.


I took a moment to admire the flowers and then it was time to drive to the airport again.


What is your favourite meal of the day? Do you like having breakfast in cafés or would you rather enjoy it at home?


13 thoughts on “Breakfast in Ratingen, Germany

  1. Since moving to the US, I guess breakfast is also my fav meal. But one thing that I miss the most about Brazil are the bakeries (kind of like the one you on this post). Imagine having American breakfast with bakery pastries?! 😮

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    1. Yes, in Finland we don’t really have bakeries like that. It would be so great to get fresh bread on weekend mornings.. Well of course I can bake it myself but it’s not the same 😉

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  2. thank you for the wonerful tour around that city, Suvi 🙂
    now I will only be thinking about those cakes lol … 🙂
    honestly, I love any meal throughout the day, as long as I don’t have to prepare it (blush)… 🙂

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  3. Wow, that all looks wonderful. I love either cafe or home, depends on my mood. A cafe does have the advantage of some else washing the dishes! Thanks for a beautiful tour of the city.

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  4. We enjoy having breakfast out at the weekends, but it’s more of a brunch for us then. The bookcase for exchanging books is a good idea, I have seen some of our disused red telephone boxes filled with books for people to borrow and add to, it’s a really lovely community idea!

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    1. That’s great about the red telephone boxes, besides those are pretty too! I’d love to be able to eat breakfast out on weekdays sometimes but that would require waking up very early 😛


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