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If we were having coffee, I would ask you if you’d like a latte or a cappuccino, as my coffee capsule machine has a device to make hot (or cold) frothed milk. Of course, if you insisted on an espresso, you’d get it. We’d sit down in the kitchen and share what happened during the past week.

I was happy to arrive at work on Friday as there was a surprise waiting in my office for my birthday! I love pink roses. And I don’t mind a glass of Cava either. My colleagues know me too well.


Then, at home, I had a package waiting for me all the way from San Francisco. Angela knows me well too – a scarf and tea! Sakurambo tea is my favourite tea ever. I cannot wait to test the Lychee one.


Now that it’s Spring, everyone with a boat has woken up from their hibernation and the harbours are busy with people getting their boats ready for the season. Most of the boats are still on the hard, so this is the best time to practice for us. On Saturday and Sunday hubby and I got some experience on manoeuvring the boat. On Saturday, the former owner of the boat gave us tips on how to dock and his son was hoisted up the mast to fix something – don’t ask me what! I think one of these days it’s going to be me up there but thankfully not this time.


On Sunday, we just did a small round as we wanted to practice docking and mooring. For me, docking is one of the most stressful parts of boating especially now that our boat is so much bigger than our beloved Flipper. We only did both twice but I was so exhausted after. I have discovered a problem with our boat and it’s that I’m too short to comfortably reach the dock when coming in. In Finland boats are docked bow first. I do not want to jump because knowing me, I will end up between the dock and the boat.


Boating is taken very seriously in Finland and people have many opinions on how everything should be done. On Friday we will get first-hand practice at sailing, as a sailing instructor will come to give us a private lesson. Actually, we will be getting together with him for a total of three times. Here’s hoping I learn a lot.


My 40th birthday was on Saturday, but the whole weekend was mostly about our boat. We did manage to go for brunch on Sunday to the Klaus K hotel. I have heard many good things about the brunch and have to say that in terms of food, all were true. It’s very high quality and delicious. What’s best, the dessert table has many yummy things you will want to taste. The only minus about the place is the lack of windows. It would be the perfect brunch if it was held in the hotel’s Toscanini restaurant, which is beautiful.


Now I really have to stop with all these brunches – even though it’s fun to sample new things – I always end up eating too much from the dessert table.


On Tuesday I met with my daughter after work for some sushi which we both adore. We went to Zen Sushi at the Kämp Gallery. I still think the Zen Sushi on Liisankatu is best.


On Wednesday I had my second to last Chi ball class. I absolutely love Chi ball. It’s kind of like Pilates but you use a scented ball to enhance the movements. When I first heard about it, I wasn’t so sure if it would be something for me but I have found that I really feel very relaxed afterwards. We have a great teacher but this time she was away so we had a substitute. I also enjoyed her way of teaching – a mix of Yoga and Pilates. I just had to ask her where she teaches and it’s actually at a yoga school near where I live, so I have to look into that. I used to be really into hectic classes like Zumba but these days I’d rather go for classes where you can stretch your body and relax your mind.


I just noticed that I’ve only read 6 books out of my goal of 40 books so far for my Goodreads reading challenge. Hopefully I will have more time for reading this summer. These days keeping up with the blogs I follow takes a lot time but I really enjoy a good book too. Are you participating in any reading challenges?


Let me know the highlights of your week in the comments below!

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36 thoughts on “Weekly Favourites

  1. happy belated b-day 🙂 wishing you lots of happiness and love 🙂
    (I’m turning 40 in September, yey :))

    that chi ball sounds intriguing… have you posted on it with photos?

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    1. Thank you Alexandra, how fun that we are the same age! Chi ball is great, a lot like pilates but with a ball. The last class was last week, next time in September. I guess they think that no one will come to class when Spring arrives!? No photos unfortunately. 🙁


  2. I know I am late, but… late happy birthday – I wish you a lot of travel and as much of a smile as possible – even if the weather outside forces you not to be 🙂 Btw – when it comes to calendar – there are just 16 days between our birthdays 🙂

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  3. Happy belated birthday and welcome to the “40s Club!” They say that “40 is the new 20;” so, this should be fun! 😉 I celebrated a bday earlier last week, as well; so, I suppose we’re bday buddies this month. Hope it’s a great one with you!! 🙂

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  4. Firstly, Happy 40th Birthday! and secondly, your Chi ball classes sound fascinating. I would love to give it a go, but yoga only recently came here to deepest rural France, so I don’t expect to come across a Chi ball class here anytime soon.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Margaretha! I am planning to buy a Chi Ball for myself at home, as the lessons go on a break after next week till Autumn. 🙂


  5. Sydämmelliset onnittelut syntymäpäiväsi johdosta vielä näin jälkikäteen. Minäkin pidän muuten vaaleanpunaisista ruusuista, ne ovat ihania! Ja tekin olette jo vesillä, aivan ihanaa! Aurinkoista viikonloppua ♥

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  6. Happy Belated birthday, My first grand daughter was born the day after your birthday.. so ive been sorta busy:) what great presents , and that spread of food..deelish!!! and the chi ball sounds fantastic. myself.. i cant do zumba 😦 bad knees.
    such a great array of shots! have a lovely week end

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  7. The boat thing is fascinating – I would never dream of owning a boat in England, even though we’re an island. Do you take the boat out on the sea, or around the coast?

    And there is no such thing as too much dessert 🙂

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    1. Well we have only had a daycruiser motorboat before so let’s see where we end up this time 😅 But we took that even to Tallinn across the Baltic Sea on a calm day!! We actually met a man from England in Dusseldorf who said he had owned a Finnish boat 👍 In Finland every one in seven people own some kind of a boat!


  8. So pleased you were able to take your boat out , I’m quite small so I know exactly what you mean about jumping off as the boat touches land, I hesitate too much and am fearful of falling in the gap too! By the way, I’m now reading The Expatriates on my Kindle that you previously mentioned and enjoying it.

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  9. Glad that you had a fun birthday weekend! Yeah, I have been rather slow in my readings too 😦 Blogging and freelance writing is taking up of my free time. But the good thing is that I get the chance to catch up on my reading when I travel especially in places where there are no wifi connections or when I don’t get out much at night. Have a great weekend, Suvi!

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    1. Yes heheh, I am also thinking that when we go sailing I will have more time to read, as internet doesn’t always work so well out on the islands 🤗 Happy weekend dear!

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