This week’s Daily Post’s photo challenge is Dinnertime. As it may be, hubby, son and I were on an island at dinnertime Saturday night.

Only one other boat in addition to us had decided to sail to Iso Vasikkasaari island. All around it was quiet and the sea was calm. Quite magical really. It’s still a bit too early and cold for many people to start the boating season.


I was pleasantly surprised to find that there were lights leading up the steps to the bbq place and there were logs available to light up a fire. This is not something to take for granted, as otherwise the services for boaters were all still closed.


As we waited for the embers, we warmed ourselves by the fire. Dinner was hot dogs with corn cobs – it tasted great in the cool evening.


In case you are wondering, this is the same island where we walked this winter.

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14 thoughts on “Dinnertime

  1. We have got a sailing boat too! 🙂
    And we have also stayed overnight in Iso Vasikkasaari many times – but not at this time of the year. Looks nice but there must be cold! 🙂

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    1. How fun to her that you have a sailing boat too! I am actually surprised that I was not cold. I guess my layering plus wooly pants and shirt worked well 😉

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  2. Such beautiful, serene photos of blue hour by the water. It looked like a cozy evening by the fire there. Hot dogs and corn cobs sound delicious. They must have kept you warm that night, and of course, tasted delicious 🙂

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