Weekly Favourites

I must say, last Friday was one of my favourite days in a while.

I started my morning with aqua jogging at the Yrjönkatu swimming hall. Believe me, if you want to empty your mind and have some special time for yourself, this is the place to go. The swimming hall is just so very beautiful, that just seeing the architecture inside the hall makes you feel great.

After, I met my dear friend Niina and we went for champagne breakfast. As it was already almost 11 am – when most restaurants are just in the process of transitioning into lunch – and I still hadn’t had breakfast, Engel was our best bet.


Café Engel is one of the few cafés in Helsinki where you can get breakfast till late in the afternoon. I tried their Organic Oatmeal Breakfast which was so good. I’m not a fan of honey, but drizzling honey on top of the milky oatmeal was perfect. I wish I had more time (and money) to spend at this café having breakfasts.


We then strolled to the Design Museum to see the Eero Aarnio exhibit.


The museum is in a beautiful building, which used to be a girls’ school back in the day.


You might know that Eero Aarnio has designed the famous Ball Chair.


We enjoyed looking at his designs (and other iconic Finnish designs at the Finnish Form exhibit) and I also learned that Eero Aarnio has resided in the same neighbourhood where we live. I wish I knew which one was his house, I do have a hunch but who knows if I’m right..

In the basement you could find visual art by Daniel Palillo. Quite interesting really but maybe not something I am a fan of.


But alas – the day did not end there! Hubby and I had booked a session from a sailing instructor for the evening. There is this company in Helsinki called Kesäpurje, which offers all kinds of sailing courses (and chartering) in Finland and abroad.


They also have a concept where you can hire a teacher to come and teach you on your own boat. Excellent! You have the teacher’s undivided attention and have the chance to learn all kinds of things about your own boat in the process. We had another session on Tuesday. Thankfully it didn’t rain on either day but it was frightfully cold and even my extreme layering couldn’t keep the chill away.


On Saturday hubby, son and I spent the night on an island with our boat. I wrote about it here. This time we did not lift the sails as it was a very short crossing from our home harbour.


On Thursday I started my Estonian language class. I go to Tallinn so often that I decided it would be fun to know some basic phrases in Estonian. The first lesson was in a classroom but from here on, the courses will be online. My first impression is that even though Finnish and Estonian are from the same language family, Estonian may turn out to be difficult! The pronunciation is different and many words are the same but mean totally different things. Let’s see how it progresses.


What special things happened in your week?

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6 thoughts on “Weekly Favourites

  1. As always you seem to have an amazing week. 🙂 I think it’s great learning a new language, it’s always good workout for the brain. And water-jogging seems fun. I would love to try it sometime.
    To answer your question, I think my favorite thing last week was going to San Francisco yesterday and meeting a fwllow blogger who lives there. It’s fun to see that the people we interact here on WordPres are in fact real people!

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    1. Wow, so fun that you met a blogger friend in real life! I think that’s one of the greatest things about this blogging business – connecting with people all around 🤗 🗺 We will see where I end up with my Estonian. I am very into starting new languages but once it gets a bit more difficult, I tend to lose interest.. Water jogging is super popular here, not only grannies do it 😂

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  2. It sounds like a jam-packed day you had there, and the weather looked great too. From the museum to the sailing, it sounds like there was never a dull moment that day. Nothing really special happened to me this week. I worked all five days this week. But this coming Monday in Australia, it’s a public holiday and at some point this weekend, I hope to go out for a hike 🙂

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    1. Hehe, you are right Mabel, last Friday was super busy. A hike sounds excellent, I’ve been thinking how fun it would be to go to the National Park near us but the boat is just taking up all our time!

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  3. What a lovely, fun filled week. I see Cafe Kappelli above, we just adore sitting out on the terrace there listening to the music in the bandstand opposite. We’ve had two, warm sunny Spring days and I even managed a cup of tea in the garden yesterday around 4.00 pm wearing only my cardigan, let’s hope it continues for you next weekend xx

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    1. True, Kappeli has a gorgeous terrace! I am jealous of your warm days, today it just rained on and off and the wind has been brutal 😦 I am sure London will be warmer than Finland, can’t wait!

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