s/y Felicia

My life has been revolving around boats these past few weeks. I have even been sailing in my dreams. Thus, I want to introduce you to our new sailing boat – s/y Felicia.

The name came with the boat. They say it’s not a good idea to change a boat’s name, as apparently it will bring nothing but bad luck and make the boating experience something that one will just want to forget forever. So, as she is our first sailing boat, I think it’s best not to push our luck, so we are sticking with Felicia!

Felicia is a Sunwind 311. She’s a Finnish boat built in 1989. The model was designed by Swedish Tord Sundén in 1988. Felicia’s length is 9,40 meters and her draft is 1,60 m. We are her fourth owners.


The interior is teak which gives a vintage feel about it. The saloon is nice and roomy (at least it still seems like it, hehe) but the upholstery isn’t really to my liking. I am also not a fan of the color of the curtains but they will do for now. Fortunately it’s not too bad, and my pillows and throws still go very well with it.


On both sides you have cabinets where to store food supplies or tableware. There are even two cupboards that go right down to the floor and these can be utilised to dry wet sailing gear, as you can hang them on the railing inside. Even the sofa backrests have space to store stuff and of course you will find compartments under the seats too. The table folds up for when you want to eat inside.


The navigation table is nice and big. Don’t laugh at the radio which looks like something from the Soviet Union. It seems to be very durable – they just don’t make electronics like that these days.


The galley is very important. There’s a gas burner and oven; and a small fridge.


As you can see, I’m really into stars and blue when it comes to decorating Felicia.


The door marked “Captain” actually takes you to the guest berth.


There you will find a small cabinet to store stuff.


It fits two people but in my opinion it’s really only comfortable for one as the second sleeping place could feel quite claustrophobic.


Then, the v-berth, which easily sleeps two. That ugly tube on the left is part of the heating system – it blows warm air. Heating is very important this time of year but I’m sure (at least I hope) it won’t be needed in summer. I have stocked the boat with wooly socks for those cold evenings though.


I’m sure you weren’t expecting a picture of the toilet – which apparently is called a head in sailing speak. But as I’m very excited to finally be an owner of a boat with a head (it’s essential let me assure you) – I just have to show it to you. Inside, you can hang your lifejackets on the rail in the inset at the back.


I am sure Felicia has many more amazing features but as I’m still a novice, I cannot go on about them yet.


Sailing has never been something I have aspired to do. After a one week sailing trip to the Turku archipelago when it rained almost every day and was frightfully cold, I swore I would never sail again. But life is short. What I’ve learned in the last few years is that you should not be afraid to jump out of your comfort zone – who knows what adventures await. I look forward to finding out where cruising Felicia takes us and what new things she teaches me in the process!


Do you have a boat? Are you a fan of sailing?


33 thoughts on “s/y Felicia

  1. Nice tour! I Like it!)
    We are owners of Albin Ballad, and love her! We were sailing in Finland during 3 years.
    But thinking about a boat bigger than Ballad.
    Sunwind 311 is seems to me suitable for us)

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    1. Hi Max, thank you for reading! The Sunwind 311 is definitely very spacious 👌 We have just sold her this summer and are looking for a new boat again! Have fun looking for your new boat!


  2. Hi Suvi,
    thank you very much for the detailed Tour on your boat. We own a 27ft boat for the last 25 years. I hope you will have as much and pleasent moments on board as we had already on our boat.
    We are looking for a new boat in ’21 and a Sunwind 311 is on the list. Unfortunatly I dont find any Infos about the cabin height on the Internet. I’m 1,82m tall – you think that will fit? Even in the head?

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    1. Hello Michael! We have enjoyed our Sunwind tremendously for the past four years. It’s such a lovely boat and sailing in Finland has been excellent 🥰 Hmmm.. I am not sure about the cabin height but it is quite high compared to other boats I’ve been in. I’m under 160 cm, so for me there’s plenty of room 😂 Hubby is around 175 cm and he has no trouble standing upright. I can’t say for sure and as the boat is on the hard now, so I’m not in a position to go and measure it unfortunately! As more members of our family are now into sailing, we are now looking into getting a bigger boat and selling next Spring. 😊


  3. Omg.. She’s beautiful !!! And yes it is very very important to have a “head” to call you own;)! I love sailing.. As long as it’s on someone else’s boat;)! And I can tell you we r fortunate enough to have a few friends who are avid sailors , one couple only lives in the vessel so.. We don’t see them very often. But when we do..ohhhh boy;). And the other person is in town and just stays on Lake Ontario and surrounding seaways.
    Although it’s not the same … Whenever we are out of town we always look for a boat to sight see on;)! Enjoy!! And here’s looking to warmer weather

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    1. I can understand your love for sailing on someone else’s boat hehe! It’s quite hard work looking after a sailing boat. Especially in Finland where the time you can sail is so very short. I am so looking forward to warmer weather, now it’s just rainy and chilly…

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  4. Looks very nice! Like I told we have a sailing boat too, but I haven’t still stepped in it this spring, it’s been on water only a couple of weeks, our sailing club had opening ceremony just last Saturday. I have had very good moments and very bad moments with boating…But now when the children are not so small anymore they can help to do things in the boat and the living in boat is easier for all. I agree, landing is the most stressful part of the boating, and the unpredictable weather can be scary…but it’s fun and I wait for to start the season!

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    1. I look forward to reading about your sailing adventures on your blog! I cannot imagine sailing with very small children, there’s so much to take in as it is. I believe it would be different if you have sailed for all your life but learning at this point in life, it’s enough without that extra hassle 😉

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  5. Congratulation on Your new sailing boat – s/y Felicia. The name must be omen, because in Spanish and Portuguese it means: “blissful, happy, lucky” and the word’s origin comes from Latin. I wish that Felicia will bring many happy hours of sailing to You and Yours.

    Then I must comment the saying: “the shoemakers children go barefoot”. Well, well. I am the son of shoemaker and I have to say that it is not true – absolutely. I am proud about my late fathers’ profession – shoemaker. When young, I admired his skillful hands when he repaired shoes and made evens new shoes to some people who needed them. In the 50s, shoemakers and tailors were very appreciated professions. I remember yet today, that In Helsinki, where we lived, they used to keep among themselves many kinds of playful and funny competitions.

    I am quite sure that nowadays people do not have any idea how the backroom of shoemaker is looking like and which kind of tools there are. I beg Your pardon, when giving here link to my old post, but it explains better than my text here.

    Back room of shoemaker.

    Have a nice day!

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    1. Wow thank you for pointing out the meaning of the name Felicia, I didn’t even think to look for it. It truly is a beautiful name!

      I will now look into your shoemaker post. I can imagine that shoemakers make gorgeous shoes, maybe one day there will be again a great demand for handicrafted shoes, who knows…

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  6. my dad is a ship engineer, he would be sailing for almost 20 years… and I’ve never set my foot on a boat, or ship for that matter… 🙂 maybe only short tourist shuttles, but that doesn’t count 🙂
    thanks for the vip tour around the boat 🙂 see, never say never, it’s indeed good to step out of the comfort zone once in a while.. happy sailing 🙂

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  7. Awesome, Suvi, congratulations on owning a boat 🙂 We don’t have a boat. We only had a first sailing experience last year for my birthday. Honestly it was so dizzying and mostly its because it was so windy, we were just out of the Port. Maybe one day when you will be nearby, let us know 🙂

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  8. Beautiful boat! I grew up boating, but not sailing too much. My early sailing experiences were frightening, but my dad and brother have always owned other boats, so I’ve been on the water a lot.

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  9. Oh Suvi, what an interesting post – I just loved having the ‘guided tour’ of your boat, she looks very attractive with plenty of cabin space, you will have so much fun as your confidence grows. Is your daughter interestied in learning to sail, too? You are fortunate in Finland to be able to moor your boat near to home so you can use it more often and be able to set off without a lengthy drive. Our elder son made lots of lovely friends from the University yacht club and they are sailing along the Italian west coast this summer and my husband has sailed since a child. I am more than happy to be ‘galley maid’ and sit back and relax unless needed!! xx

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    1. Thanks Snow, I have a hunch that I will enjoy it too! At least this learning business with our sailing teacher has been lots of fun. It was hubby who initially wanted a sailing boat but it could be that I’m more enthusiastic than him 😂

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