Weekly Favourites

Right now I am on my way to London. Do take a look back at my last week here in Finland.

On Friday hubby and I went to Inkoo to get our motorboat. We didn’t really have time to look around the village, but we did visit Strand – Inkoo’s famous landmark. Strand is a shopping and restaurant complex. What makes it famous, is the owner – Marcus Grönholm. The name won’t ring a bell if you aren’t into rally or rallycross – in Finland he’s a legend. There is a really cute café and you can get a nice lunch at the Sågen restaurant. You will be amazed to find very stylish shops at the Strand with the likes of Odd Molly, Canada Goose, GANT and Lexington. The complex is very popular with boaters.


Out motorboat, m/y Emmy, has been in Inkoo all winter – in a warm hall, on a shelf! Imagine shelves stacked full of boats, it’s strange but true.


The trip home from Inkoo wasn’t very spectacular as it was quite cold and rainy.


However, it was lovely to see our boat again after many months. I think it’s a beautiful boat but we have to sell it now, as it would be crazy to have two boats.


On Saturday hubby and I had another lesson with our sailing teacher. I tried mooring and docking by myself. Okay, I wasn’t totally alone – the teacher was right next to me giving instructions! But still – I managed okay, without any damage to other people or the boat.

On Sunday I got to hang out with my goddaughter. Let’s call her Lily. She’s such a delightful girl, I am very lucky to have her as my goddaughter, as our personalities seem to fit together very well. First, Lily and I went to the Angry Birds Park. There are several Angry Bird’s parks around where I live. You did know Angry Birds is from Finland, right?


Then we went to watch a puppet theater at Hevosenkenkä theater. It’s a lovely old schoolbuilding built in 1899 which was transformed into a theater in the 70s geared towards 3-12 year old children. I’ve been to see several plays with both my children when there they were small.


Last, we went to the Tarvaspää café I told you about earlier. Imagine sitting in the garden in summer.


It’s lovely to spend time with Lily, as she is so curious and takes notice of everything in nature. I didn’t even notice that there were little buds on the trees till she pointed it out.


As we were leaving, we noticed these rakes resting against a tree. There was a note attached to the tree which said that you can help rake the leaves if you like. We wanted to try it out but it started raining so we thought it would be better to just call it a day.


Monday’s can be awful after a great weekend. But not at our office. See what one of my colleagues had baked!


On Wednesday I met two of my closest friends who used to be colleagues. Once again, we celebrated my 40th birthday! We met at this restaurant called Piece ‘n’ Love. They offer unique pizzas, with white sauce instead of tomato sauce. We shared three – duck, salmon and salami. The pizza crust was really good, I could’ve just eaten that by itself. Yum!


I wish you all a great weekend and a Happy 1st of May!


7 thoughts on “Weekly Favourites

  1. They always say parts of Scandanavia and parts of Canada are much alike. Your trip to get the boat from a shelf is something so many Canadians do at this time every year. Great post also, the food, the sights. Interesting blog.

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    1. Thank you for your lovely comment! Yes I imagine Canada is very similar to Finland, I have heard that too. I have not had the pleasure of visiting yet though 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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