This week’s photo challenge is Admiration. I am frightfully late with my entry, as I was on holiday in England for five days this week. Anyway, when visiting the Kensington Palace’s very interesting exhibit called Fashion Rules Restyled, I realized that I really admire Princess Margaret’s 1950’s style.

She was a fashion icon of her time, and her look was dubbed “The Margaret Look”.


A glamorous woman, she was the first subject to what then was a far cry from the paparazzi from today.


This Princess Margaret’s dress is my favourite from the all the ones on show – a full skirt with a nipped in waist. And royal blue too.


Have you had a chance to see this exhibit?


11 thoughts on “Admiration

  1. Yeah, I remember Diana’s dresses – the big shoulder pads. And her frilly dresses when she first got married to Charles – too girly for my taste.

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    1. I agree but weren’t they the thing at that time?! I am sure everyone thought they were super cool 😉 My mom had huge shoulder pads. I wonder if it can ever come back, can someone find it appealing all over again..

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    1. Thanks Patricia, I think so too! Princess Diana’s dresses were so 80s and 90s, big shoulderpads and all – not something I find pretty now. But who knows in 20 years or so!

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