Mother’s Day by the Sea

Happy Mother’s Day to all mommies out there! Here are some snapshots of our Mother’s Day cruising.

My mom joined us for a boating outing on this beautiful summery day.


The weather was perfect – quite incredible for May in Finland – we are really enjoying this sunny and warm front while it lasts.


On the way we had a look at Hernesaaren Ranta. It’s a trendy place in Helsinki to eat, drink and party. My daughter is going there for the Summerburst Festival in June – you can even catch Kygo there. I enjoyed going to the area last summer and this summer I have to go at least to try out the crepes by Cone’s. You can get there by bus, walking from Helsinki city center or your own boat.


I just love cruising on the shorelines of Helsinki.


The buildings are so pretty.


People were enjoying the sun at my favourite terrace, Mattolaituri.


Some folks were having Mother’s Day picnics on the docks traditionally used for washing carpets.


Our destination was Suomenlinna Fortress Island. It’s an UNESCO World Heritage sight, which means it’s a must-see for anyone visiting Helsinki. Interesting fact – there are around 800 permanent residents on the island. Most of the houses there are owned and rented by the state. The marina is gorgeous with all the boats.


In my opinion, our motorboat looks sleek and cool. If you haven’t seen these before – it’s a Finnish brand called Flipper designed by Norwegian boat designer Espen Thorup.


We went to the marina’s restaurant, Valimo. I recommend you check it out if you visit Suomenlinna. It’s not right on the tourist path, so do take a small detour to check it out. I had the pasta carbonara, as did my mom. The others had a traditional Finnish salmon soup.


Afterwards we enjoyed our coffees in the sunshine.


Then it was time to go home again. Here you can see the ferry that you can take from the mainland to the island. You can recognise Suomenlinna from afar from the building on the left. It’s the island’s church which also serves as a lighthouse, built in 1854.


There wasn’t any overcrowding of boats, as many people haven’t prepared their boats for the water yet. They must be regretting not doing it earlier, as who knows when the weather turns again and if this kind of sunshine and warmth can be expected anymore.


I just love this sight of Helsinki – you can see the Helsinki Cathedral and also the Finnair Sky Wheel. Viking Line can take you to Stockholm.


When returning the same way, we saw that the picnics were still in full swing.


They do look fun!


Below you can see my favourite place for a pizza – Skiffer. Note that you can take a small boat across from the mainland if you don’t have a boat of your own. Skiffer is on an islet called Liuskaluoto, it’s best enjoyed on a sunny day. Do try their Aperol Spritz.


My daughter and I goofing for the camera!


How was your Mother’s Day?


24 thoughts on “Mother’s Day by the Sea

      1. In the UK it’s always the 4th Sunday of Lent (three weeks before Easter) so the date varies each year but is usually in March. It’s officially known as ‘Mothering Sunday’ but most people refer to it as ‘Mother’s Day’. Maybe one day this little item of trivia might be useful to you in a Pub Quiz, you never know!! xx

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    1. You are right, Suomenlinna can be visited even in winter, then the ferry across is a unique experience if the sea is icy. It was such a gorgeous day today 🙂


  1. aww, such a sunny and beautiful day in Helsinki… Happy Mother’s Day to you too, Suvi ♥ great to see you so happy spending the day with your daughter and your mom 🙂 fabulous images too…

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  2. Täällä vähän pohjoisemmakin on ollut upea päivä. Kuvista näkyy selkeästi säätila, kirkasta, sinistä taivaalla ja meressä. Teillä on ollut hieno Äitienpäivä, kolme sukupolvea paikalla. Rannikko näyttää todella kauniilta.

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