Where to eat and drink in Tallinn

Tallinn is full of good restaurants and more are popping up all the time! Here are my recommendations for Spring 2016.


Cru – Viru 8

A favourite for a lovely dinner – Cru. This restaurant is in the Old Town, on one of the busiest streets. I love the elegant decor and the food was great too. There are even 15 hotel rooms if you want to stay in this historical building.


Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 19.24.51

Mekk – Suur-Karja 17/19

It’s been quite a few years since I was at Mekk but I’ve heard that it’s still the place for a fancy and delicious dinner. This is one of the few restaurants in Tallinn where I can honestly say the food was superb. You will find modern Estonian cuisine here. The restaurant is located next to the gorgeous Savoy Boutique Hotel in the Old Town.


Gianni – Joe 4 A

Looking for Italian food? There’s quite a few in Tallinn – but this is the only one you want. Gianni is a very upscale restaurant and you will be treated like royalty. I have only been for lunch but this is the perfect setting for a romantic dinner. The prices are quite steep for Tallinn though.


Pegasus – Harju 1

Pegasus has very friendly service and seems to be a favourite with Finns (not the rowdy drunken types, note!). The bread there is to die for.



Fabrik – Vabriku 6

You can read my post about Fabrik here. You won’t be disappointed, as the food is extremely tasty and the friendly service will make you feel welcome.



Kivi Paber Käärid – Telliskivi 60a C4

Located in the hipster area – a sure sign that this place is super trendy. A relaxed atmosphere with good food and drinks.




F-Hoone – Telliskivi 60 A

Everyone loves F-Hoone. This is a great place to take the kids too. It’s in the same hipster area as Kivi, Paber, Käärid. Great pasta and burgers.


Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 19.13.52

Bistro Baar Kukeke – Telliskivi 57

Kukeke has been renovated from an old railway depot to a trendy joint. It’s in the Kalamaja district. Pasta, burgers, salmon, vegetarian fare – you name it. I’d love to visit and try their breakfast one day.


Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 19.09.10

Umami – Kadaka tee 141

Umami is off the beaten track in the Mustamäe district. We went with a taxi. It would be awesome to experiece this restaurant on warm summer evenings when you can sit in the garden. The restaurant is the brainchild of the Leib Resto guys – also another restaurant to keep in mind for your Tallinn visit. Food is great and Umami even brews their own beer. They have a children’s menu and kids are more than welcome.

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 19.25.12

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 19.25.03

Estonian Burger Factory – Pärnu Maantee 41a

Like Umami, Estonian Burger Factory is not on the tourist trail but it’s so worth taking the time to go an extra mile. Burgers are really trending at the moment, so it’s not surprising Tallinn has jumped on this wagon. Just thinking about their burgers makes me hungry all over again.





Sushi Cat – Roosikrantsi 16

If you are looking for something quirky – then you should go to Sushi Cat! This restaurant is great for manga enthusiasts and anyone who loves pink. Nice sushi too.

Tallinn with teens 2013 033


Kohvik Komeet – Solaris Center, Estonia pst. 9, 4th floor

Kohvik Komeet has huge and very well priced cakes. Just peek at their webpage to see what I’m talking about. In summer you should go up to the roof terrace and enjoy the view. It’s also a great place for drinks. This was where the Estonian president’s wife was spotted smooching with a younger man.. Scandalous!

Tallinn with teens 2013 043

Tallinn with teens 2013 048

Gustav – Solaris Center, Estonia pst. 9, level 0

Gustav has several spots around town. For example, you can find their cakes at Fabrik or the Solaris Center. These cakes are beautiful to look at and great with a cup of coffee or tea.


Maiasmokk – Pikk tn 16

You can read my post on Maiasmokk – the oldest café in Tallinn – here. Do try their biscuit cake and enjoy the historical atmosphere.


Frank Underground, Sauna 2

Not to be confused with the restaurant next door – the underground club has it’s own entrance. I really love the place, very stylish and great cocktails. To be fair, I must admit that the crowd there on a Friday night was quite a bit younger than me. But we only stayed for one drink, so who knows how the nights play out in the end.


Clayhills Gastropub – Pikk 13

A relaxed restaurant and pub combination in the Old Town. Live music on the weekends. The place was packed on a Friday night.


DM baar – Voorimehe 4

A bar dedicated to Depeche Mode? In Tallinn Old Town? Yes! The band members have actually partied here, so it’s a must for any die hard fan. I cannot say that it’s the most stylish place but if you are looking for different, you will find it here. And of course all you DM fans will be overjoyed with the choice of music.


Kochi Aidad – Lootsi 10

This place is not really my style but I went as hubby was enthusiastic about it. I was surprised to find a very good cappuccino in a place geared for beer lovers. Being a brewery, visiting is a great opportunity to try Estonian beers. Kochi is conveniently placed near the port, so if you are using Tallink to get to Helsinki, then you can easily stop by here for a drink and meal while waiting for your ferry. Check out the photos of the warehouse on the second floor wall explaining what major renovations had to be done to get the place from ruins to a nice looking restaurant.


Chicago 1933 – Aia tn 3

If you want to experience the 1930s, this is your place! The decor is like a smoky 1930s lounge without the smoke. Live jazz music in the evenings. You can even dine here – great cocktails too.


An extra tip for those who like to drink soda with their meals. Try the Estonian apple drink – Valge Klaar.


If you do go to any of these restaurants, let me know what you think. I have been to two nightclubs in Tallinn but I am still to find one that I could recommend.


Do you have a favourite restaurant/café/bar/night club in Tallinn? Let me know in the comments below, so I can go test it next time.


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