Around Holland Park

Join me for a stroll around Holland Park enjoying cupcakes and a museum.

To start this walking tour, you should take the District or Circle line to High Street Kensington. From there, navigate to the direction of Holland Park on High Street Kensington till you spot Primrose Bakery on the right.


It’s such a cute sight that you cannot simply walk past. Inside you will find an abundance of different kinds of cupcakes.


Cakes too and coffee, of course.


It’s a lovely setting to sit down and take a breather.


I opted to take mine to go, as I was on a tight schedule. I had the banoffee cupcake. Very delicious!


Next, just go around the corner to Holland Park Road where you will find one of the most spectacular townhouses in London. It won’t look that exciting outside.


But trust me, you will be surprised by what you see inside. The house is called Leighton House Museum and it was owned by Lord Frederic Leighton (1830-1896), a Victorian painter and sculptor. What is peculiar about the house is that it is grand, but there is only one very small bedroom. Lord Leighton remained a bachelor till his end of days. Apparently there are many rumours about his private life but none were ever confirmed.


I must admit that I am not familiar with Leighton’s work at all. I simply wanted to visit the house as I had heard it’s amazing. You will have to believe my word, as photographs were not allowed at all.


On the second floor, you will find an amazing studio in which I can imagine Lord Leighton to have had inspirational moments. But the most special thing about this house is the downstairs Arab Hall. I have never seen something like it in my life, except in Turkey. You will surely feel like you have been transported to the world of the One Thousand and One Nights. The garden is pretty and peaceful, you will find it behind the house.


After exploring the house, go back to Melbury Road and walk onwards to Ilchester Place. Soon you will find yourself at Holland Park. I stumbled upon a lovely café first. I could see people enjoying a late breakfast there.


The park is 54 acres and I can honestly say I only saw a small part of it.


You can hire the Orangery seen in the background for your own events.


Possibly some tai-chi going on here.


I loved seeing hundreds of tulips blooming.


The gardens are stunning. You can even find public tennis courts in the park.


The Japanese Kyoto Garden isn’t that old at all, as it was built in 1992.


I was expecting to see more sakura at the Japanese gardens but it was pretty nevertheless.


It’s a more leafy park than Kensington Gardens, as part of the park is woodlands. I would imagine this could be a good place to find some relief on hot summer days.


Many people have mentioned the peacocks but I am afraid I failed to see them. After a cool stroll under the trees, I decided that it was time to go.

You can see that the area is quite fashionable from the stylish houses.


My initial idea was to walk to Holland Park tube station but it turned out to be closed!


But a walk to Notting Hill Gate where you can find Central, Circle and District lines wasn’t bad either.


London’s houses are so pretty.


Please refer to this map to get an idea of the walk. I would reserve at least two and a half hours to do this tour without a rush.

Have you visited these places in London? Are you familiar with Primrose Bakery’s cupcakes? How about Lord Leighton’s work? Have you seen the peacocks at Holland Park?


20 thoughts on “Around Holland Park

  1. What an amazing tour through your photos! You know, I’ve run around this area many times but always in the winter. I recognise many of the names your feature, but it all looks so different, so colourful, so vibrant!

    We will be in London next month and we will be sure to visit the Primrose Bakery & the Leighton House Museum – they sound fantastic!

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    1. Ooh I cannot wait to hear what you thought about Leighton House 😊 I was so disappointed to learn that I couldn’t take any photos, it’s so unique!


  2. So interesting to read about places in my home country from the eyes of an overseas visitor. I hadn’t even heard of Lord Leighton’s House but it sounds intriguing so I need to add it to my list of places to visit. I’m very familiar with Kensington High Street and Holland Park – so lovely you were in the park when the tulips were at their best. Can’t wait to read more of your English adventure xx

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    1. Heheh, you are right, a cupcake in the beginning or end of a walk is quite a treat! I love Hummingbird’s red velvet as well, have you tasted that Joy? 🙂

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  3. I loved Holland Park! I saw the peacocks – so beautiful 🙂 I’d post a pic in the comment for you if I could… but we went early spring so the tulips weren’t full in bloom like you saw. Gorgeous photos. I must go back and check out Lord Leighton’s house next time. Thanks for the recommendation. Lovely post!
    (Coincidence: the photo of my gravatar was taken at Holland Park in the Kyoto garden)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. How fun to hear that you are a fan of Holland Park! I wish I could see your peacock photo 🙂 Thank you so much for your kind words Catherine, it’s a joy to have you commenting!

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