Dusseldorf at a glance

Whilst in Germany for the boat show in January, hubby and I decided to go for a short evening walk in the Dusseldorf Old Town (Altstadt).

Interesting fact – the Old Town was almost completely distroyed in the World War II but was later rebuilt observing historic plans and thus it still looks like a historical town.

I love to look at flower shops all over the world and their displays. Tulips are a sure sign of Spring to come.


This is a statue called Conflict by Karl Henning Seemann. It’s not very pretty in my opinion but it’s interesting to look at as you start to feel a bit uneasy observing the dispute going on between the two men.


Starbucks has found it’s way all over the world. I have admit that I would rather find some local café to have my coffee these days.


Some costume fun, perhaps?


Kö-Bogen is a distinctively different looking building with a facade of glass, white stone and diagonal slashes. There are even plants growing in the “cuts” of the facade. Inside this stunning building you can find shopping and restaurants.


The landscaped canals of the elegant shopping street Köningsallee must be a beautiful sight in summer.


The Dusseldorf ferris wheel – Wheel of Vision – could be something fun to do next time.


A pretty church lighted up in the evening.


Dusseldorf is located along the Rhine River. Don’t you love lanes made of cobblestone?


The Rhine Tower (Rheinturm) in the distance. Apparently the views of the city are gorgeous from there.


The riverside is a pedestrianized area, so you can walk without worrying about cars.


The heart of the old city – The Burgplatz.


I am sure it’s a lively square when festivals are held here. Interesting bells on this building below – I read that you can be treated to some bell music whilst sitting down for a coffee at the square. Now it was just very quiet.


Zum Uerige, a local brewery and pub, is a legend in the city – it’s one of the oldest breweries.


The pub was very busy and as we were guided through it to find a seat, I noticed how huge it was – it actually has several floors. We were seated in the new annex but what I quickly saw of the old side would’ve pleased me more. Uerige is not the place to go for dinner – instead be prepared for beer and small snacks.


Uerige offers Alt beer which is typical for the Dusseldorf region. Be careful though, once you finish your glass, you will get a new one without asking for it. We got some sausages and Gouda cheese to go with our beers. Do note that you have to have small change when you visit the restroom – there is a lady there making sure it’s clean and it would be rude not to give her anything.


My visit to the historical Dusseldorf center was very short, so it’s difficult to say what kind of impression it left on me. Generally, I do like German cities. I did not fall in love like I did with Berlin though. Saying that, I would like to visit again – to see Dusseldorf in a livelier time –  maybe in summer or for the Christmas markets.

Have you been to Dusseldorf? What were your impressions?


17 thoughts on “Dusseldorf at a glance

  1. I only spent a full layover day in Dusseldorf, but it was a gorgeous summer day and we had a great time with a local resident we knew originally from home! It doesn’t get the press other German cities get, but we found it quite attractive.

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  2. Mukavaa katsella tuttuja paikkoja. Me kävimme jokunen vuosi sitten myös tuolla venemessuilla (jotka olikin sitten todella valtavat =D). Ihania kuvia, oli mukava palata sinne.

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    1. Kiva kuulla, että tykkäsit! Kyllä ne venemessut oli upeat, siellä oli purjeveneet hyvin edustettu toisin kuin Helsingissä. Hyvä syy mennä uudestaankin 😂


    1. Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting! Great to hear that you are thinking of going to Dusseldorf. I would love to see the Christmas Markets there, the atmosphere would be somewhat more merry I would imagine. 🙂

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  3. Interesting to read about Düsseldorf. I’ve not visited there but quite awhile back we took our car along the Rhine valley and visited many attractive small towns, we had a similar holiday one summer with our car on the Moselle which was beautiful, too.

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