Thursday Doors

This door, at 18 Folgate Street, hides behind it London’s best kept secret – Dennis Sever’s House. It must be the most unique and powerful museum experience I have ever been exposed to. I would love to go back to have another detailed look next time I’m in London.

Now what is Dennis Sever’s House, I hear you ask? Well, for one, it’s a time capsule! It is also theatre, a book, a painting – a glorious piece of art.

The house itself is from around 1724. As you enter the rooms, you will be transported to the 18th Century. You go about in total silence (speaking is not allowed!) and your senses will be on edge as you take in the scents, the sounds and the temperature of each room. You will get a feel for the inhabitants, who seem to have just stepped out and left their candles burning and fires crackling.

If you are thinking of visiting Dennis Sever’s House, do go to their webpage to book a visit – mine was the Silent Night. Empty your mind as you enter, and you will be transported back in time to a London that no longer is. As you leave and step out the door back to today, you will find yourself disoriented for a bit. Don’t mind that. It goes with time travel.

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19 thoughts on “Thursday Doors

    1. I would not recommend any beer even before the museum! You need to be sober so you don’t knock anything over or stumble on the stairs 😨 No drinks are allowed inside. I promise you won’t even need beer for this experience ☺

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    1. Kiitos Katinka! Tämä on todella mielenkiintoinen nähtävyys, suosittelen, jos suuntaat Lontooseen joku päivä. Harmi vaan, ettei sisällä saanut valokuvata 😦


  1. What an enchanting set of doors. It does look like doors that you would find all those years ago in the 18th century, and I wouldn’t surprised if they are actually heavy and you need two hands to push them open 😀 Speaking not allowed, that is quite a rule but I suppose it does transport you back the good old times. I had a look at their website Quite a few tours to choose from, and some giving more historical accounts. If you would have asked me to guess, I would have thought behind those doors was a haunted house 😀

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