Weekly Favourites

Another busy week behind me – thank goodness it’s Friday. The upcoming weekend has a lot in store for us as we have our son’s last day of school, a graduation party and a christening to attend. I’m looking forward to all and I will fill you in next week.

Last Friday I had a dinner date with my daughter after work. First, we visited what must be the best children’s store in Helsinki – Zicco (Fredrinkinkatu 18). For the christening present, of course. I am sure you agree it looks very inviting!


Too bad that my children are so old that there’s nothing for them here. Maybe for my goddaughter though, as she’s only six.


Em and I had planned to try out the new bao bun place but it wasn’t open yet. Once again, this caused around an hour of aimless wandering trying to decide where to go. I don’t understand how this always happens to us, I guess we can’t agree on what we want. In the end we went to Il Birrificio which was okay. It’s actually a brewery as well as a restaurant, so it’s ideal for beer lovers. Which neither of us are, LOL!


The weekend was spent sailing. We went to Porkkala in Kirkkonummi. More on that in another post. I forgot my camera and was kicking myself the whole weekend. I used my phone instead. The best moment on Saturday was when I met up with a dear friend who lives in Porkkala for a walk, and on Sunday when I spotted fellow blogger, Katinka, on her boat when going home.


The bao bun place – Bunsai – was luckily open on Monday, so I finally got my fix of buns. I bought them take-away. They also have chicken wings. Bunsai is a pop-up on Ateneuminkuja and it was definitely the best foodie moment of the week.



On Tuesday hubby and I went on a leisurely cycling route and went for dinner to Café Mellsten.



They have very tasty salads on their menu.




I saw people doing some kind of group exercise. I need to find out who arranges this and if I could join them.


Espoo’s newbie is this new restaurant – Haukilahden ranta. It’s near Café Mellsten and Haukilahden Paviljonki. It might not look that nice from the distance.


But they even have sushi, nice looking salads, blinis.. Drinks too!


The best newbie in Helsinki is Löyly. It’s a public sauna/bar/restaurant. I will tell you more about it later but if you are a traveller in Helsinki now or very soon, make sure you go there, it’s amazing on a beautiful day. Hernesaaren ranta next to it has also expanded and there’s more restaurants to choose from than last summer.


On Wednesday we went sailing again. But as soon as we got the sails up, the wind died. We then just used the motor. I’m still not sure about sailing. I’m quite a fast-paced person so I really need a huge attitude change to start enjoying the fact that you have arrived when you are on the water. Our old motorboat took us anywhere in moments and I find myself missing it.


Now you can follow me on Snapchat (mrssuvi) in addition to FacebookInstagram or TwitterI tried snapping a while ago but decided it was really silly. Now I understand the popularity behind the whole App. It’s quite fun to get a casual glimpse into other people’s lives without photoshopped images and fancy filters. Okay, Snapchat has those funny dog ear filters but it’s not the same. If you have a Snapchat account, let me know.

How was your week? What were your highlights?


14 thoughts on “Weekly Favourites

  1. Suvi, it’s pure pleasure to go through your posts in the end of a busy and strenuous week… 🙂 it’s a different world than mine, and so relaxing to look at 🙂 the bao buns look yum!! I don’t think I’ve ever tasted them… the sailing sounds pretty fascinating as well… that’s the Baltic sea you are sailin in, right? I’m looking at a map now , feeling like an ignorant lol … but also happy to be learning new things thanks to your posts 🙂

    I see more people have snapchat these days, how is it different from Instangram and Facebook? obviously I don’t have one… I realized I don’t have time for Instagram at this poitn of my life, I hope to be able to at least keep up the blog …

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    1. Someone is having a binge fest on my blog, LOL!!! ❤ Yes, it's the Baltic Sea 🙂 Snapchat is kind of like Instagram in the sense that it's photos. But the photos are just quick captures, so people don't really take time to make them look very pretty. Snaps of your life you could say. You do a "My Story" which combines the snaps you take. They disappear after 24 hrs. You can also send your friends private snaps, which they can view only once. I think these days Facebook is for older people and younger ppl like my daughter are more into Snapchat 😛


    1. Unfortunately it looks like the weather has now turned, at least for awhile! I hope the warmth is coming back soon and these weren’t the only warm days this summer. You never know in Finland! 😛

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  2. Your week sounds amazing 🙂 The children store looks so beautiful! And now I am hungry because those pictures of food. My week went well because the university exams are finally over and it has been so warm and sunny.

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  3. This Weekly Favourites is a good idea, and beautiful photos. Weeks go so fast, it is difficult to remember what has happened. The solution is to check everything from own blog :-).
    My week has been full of pain, and visinting that old mill and a cemetery. Not so glorious, but good enough with kyynärsauvat, don’t know in English, please tell me the right word.

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    1. Thank you once again! Yes, it’s true, I actually had already forgotten our boat trip to Porkkala! Especially since I didn’t have any photos to look back on since they were only on my phone. I always get surprised how much has actually happened when I start writing! Wow managing to visit two places like that with crutches (kyynärsauvat) is amazing 🙂 Happy weekend xx

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  4. Oh what a lovely week Suvi with such sunny days. After a barbecue in our garden on Saturday it’s turned chilly here now. The sauna bar and new terrace at Haukilahti look lovely – not long to wait now to investigate xx

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