Espoo from Above

If you live in or have visited Espoo, you might have heard of the legendary restaurant Haikaranpesä. It is popular with families and friends getting together for special occasions. 

Haikaranpesä means stork’s nest. As you can see, the name is very fitting! The ufo-like building is actually a water tower, built in 1968. The height is 45,3 m and from sea level 76,3 m.


The design is very futuristic and they say that the architects were inspired by the Jetsons.


Haikaranpesä’s buffet is one of the most plentiful I have seen in Finland. Even so, I think the price of 49 euros per person is quite absurd. There’s just so much you can eat if you now what I mean. A table reservation is recommended.


The starters are the best – very good quality fish, salads and cold cuts. The buffet is very traditional for Finland, brings back memories from the 80s.


You will be stuck with choice at the dessert table. In addition to all these cakes there’s also cheese and grapes AND Mövenpick ice cream.


It’s a must to go outside to enjoy the views. As you are so high up, it can be quite windy, so hold onto your hat!




There is a lot of construction going on, as the metro is being expanded to Espoo and will open in August.


Below you can see the Haukilahti Marina.


There’s still a lot of nature in Espoo.


Forests and sea.


I have heard from many people older than me that they used to go to Haikaranpesä for some disco action when they were younger. Those days ended in 1987. Now the restaurant offers special “Jazz and Dinner” -events on Fridays.


Me looking pleased with the warm weather in my new dress.


Here’s one final view of the water tower from further away.


Have you been to Haikaranpesä? Do you like buffets?


20 thoughts on “Espoo from Above

  1. Ollaan käyty muutamaan kertaan. Hinta kirpaisee aina.. Käy muuten ihmeessä Haukilahden paviljongin terassilla kesällä salaatilla. Ihanan paikka!

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    1. Juu, olen käynyt useaan kertaan 🙂 Café Mellsten on uusinut terassinsa ja alueella on nyt uusi paikka myös – Haukilahden ranta nimeltään. Ihanaa päivää sinulle Huli!


      1. Oi, pitää mennä testaamaan uusi terassi! Sielläkin ollaan istuttu pari kertaa. Koirien kanssa sinn ei vaan muistaakseni saa mennä, siksi paviljongi on meidän valinta usean. 🙂

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  2. Wonderful post. We have not visited Haikaranpesä, although we both have lived in Espoo not so many years ago, we moved away from there. Your dress is breathtakingly beautiful. Germans require quality – this is true. For example when my wife bought a pair of sneakers from Germany, she used them nearly eight years. When I bought sneakers from U.S.A, I used them 12 years. In both cases, they were well-known high brand sneakers. When I bought sneakers (same brand) from Finland, I could use them only two summers.

    When on road trip in Germany, we always have trunk full of clothes on return trip. They are beautiful, cheap and their quality is high.

    Have a nice day!

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    1. Thank you Matti for your thoughtful comment! I love road trips in Germany. You have had very good luck with your shoes I must say. My hubby walks so much that even Ecco shoes don’t last him very long. I personally like to change my shoes often 😉 Wishing you a sunny day!

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      1. We walk approximately 110 km to 165 km in a month and we track numbers in Excel worksheet. In a year it makes a lot of kilometers. Once I calculated that I have walked around the world.

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  3. Buffets like that are incredibly popular in Brazil, and they are also very pricey, but that one is jaw-dropping pricey! I guess you pay not only for the food but for the enviournment and views which are stunning!

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    1. Heheh, I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one who thinks it’s expensive. You could see that no-one had really come there for a casual lunch, everyone seemed to be celebrating something. It was full though!

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  4. I’ve seen the water tower but not been inside. The buffet looks wonderful but as you say very pricey, we sometimes eat at the beach bars at Haukilahti as we like to walk there from Westend. I enjoy buffets especially the Finnish ‘lunch’ buffets with the delicious, creamy salmon soup and fish dishes. Love your dress Suvi, is it a Finnish design? xx

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    1. Yes this is strictly for very special occasions I would say! The beach bars are more moderately priced, Haukilahden Paviljonki being the most expensive. They have good salmon soup tho!

      Unfortunately the dress is not Finnish but it’s actually German 🤗 xx

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