I always think of numbers when I see these little dinghys at sea. One, two, three, four, five going along in a perfect formation. Children start practicing with them very early in the Spring, as soon as the ice has melted. It’s just a matter of the right clothing I would say.

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6 thoughts on “Numbers

  1. It takes me back quite a few years when our children were very small. They started on Toppers and then moved onto Lasers. One summer there was a European Laser Regatta taking place in Helsinki so we all went off to watch it a few times. It reminded me of your photo, little dinghies all lined up!

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    1. Sounds great Marion! Unfortunately our son did not get excited about the dinghies, we tried a one week summer camp a while back. They practiced for five days but in the end he said he had a sore throat and rode in the instructor’s motorboat! 😂

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