Thursday Doors

My Thursday door entry is from Aleksanterikatu in Helsinki. It’s not a very beautiful door actually. But it holds memories from my childhood, as my mother used to frequent this building with me in tow.

In the 80’s, we went to this building for bank errands. At the time, it housed a bank called KOP – Kansallis Osake Pankki.

The building has six floors and it was built in 1936 for a Nordic banking group called Pohjoismaiden Yhdyspankki. There was actually a competition to see who would design the most suitable building for this purpose and the winner was the architect agency Frosterus & Gripenberg. In the years that have passed, the bank occupying the building has changed but the main purpose of the building has not.

Finnish red granite was used for the front facade. Inside the building wood and marble were favoured.

Insipired by what I found inside, I am excited to tell you that will start hosting a linkup called Saturday Statues this week. It will open Saturday morning and end Monday evening (Central European Time). I have noticed that there are many interesting statues in this world and I hope you will join me in sharing the ones you have found! Do come back on Saturday to have a look and enter your own post.

In the meantime, do join the Thursday Door community at Norm 2.0.


16 thoughts on “Thursday Doors

  1. Your new challenge has reminded me that, although I live in a city with a lot of statues, I’ve taken very few photos of those I see regularly. Thanks for the challenge. I’ll be back.

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    1. It’s a pity there’s no service in banks anymore. Thankfully my mom has learnt how to use the internet bank, I don’t know how other grandmotherly/fatherly types manage who aren’t so computer savvy. 😦

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