Thursday Doors

Have a look at this pretty balcony (with a door)!

In Helsinki’s city center, it’s not often that apartments have balconies. The residents of this art deco building are lucky though. This one is very pretty to look at and I’m sure it’s a lovely place to sit in the mornings, with a cup of coffee, watching the city wake up.


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If you like statues in addition to doors, I am hosting a Saturday Statues challenge on my blog!


20 thoughts on “Thursday Doors

  1. I love this post and its photos! First one is my favorite. The balcony is very romantic, although it is not practical in our modern days due to noise, wind and air pollution. Nowadays the trend is to build big glazed balconies, which cover all the main façade. With big balcony, I mean from 12 to 24 square meters. In Oulu we have only 12 square meters glazed balcony.

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    1. I do love those big balconies. It’s like another room in your apartment. This one really is quite romantic. I’ve never seen anyone sitting there.. Thank your for visiting Matti 😊

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    1. Thank you, maybe the residents sit there for morning coffee a nightcap. Here in Finland summer holiday season is just starting but then people often leave the city for the countryside. Happy weekend!


    1. Hi there Steve! Welcome to the blogging community 🤗 How fab that you have a wedding to attend in Helsinki! You can find Helsinki tips on my blog but unfortunately none for Jyväskylä. Enjoy and do blog something about your trip! 🌞

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      1. Hi Suvi—I forgot to mention the most important thing. Really liked ‘Thursday Doors’! For sure I will blog about my Finland experience, also Berlin right before it and Milan and Greece right afterwards. 🙂

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        1. I love Thursday Doors! I’m hosting a new link-up – Saturday Statues – it would be great if you’d like to take part. I think you’ll find many interesting statues in Berlin, Milan and Greece 😀

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