Weekly Favourites

If we were having coffee, I would ask if you’d like a frappuccino? I love them but only in the summer. In winter I want a warm cup of coffee! This week I had a good one from the Swedish café Espresso House. They call them Frapinos and they have many different kinds to choose from. You can have an extra shot of espresso in yours if you need your caffeine like me.


This week I’ve been more tired than ever. The reason being that I went partying on Saturday and made it to bed only after 2 am. Not a good idea at this age. On Friday hubby and I went to do some shopping and went for dinner at a Mexican restaurant. We first tried to go to Cholo, which does street food tacos but for some reason they only had burritos. I hope that this is not a regular thing and that the tacos make a comeback. So off we went around the corner to Patrona.


Patrona has great cocktails and the food is yummy but overpriced IMHO. These tacos cost 19 euros!!! We had the corn cake for dessert but it wasn’t anything to shout home about.


On Saturday we went to the cutest town in Finland, Porvoo. It takes around one hour to get there from Helsinki by car or bus. The reason for our Porvoo visit was our friend’s 40th birthday party.


First, he had arranged a cruise along the Porvoo river. It was lovely and a post will follow.


After dinner and hanging out at our friends’ house we went to a local nightclub. It was quite awful mind you and the locals cleverly call it “The Fiasco”. Quite interesting to visit the only nightclub in a small town – the people there were from 18 years old to over 60!


On Sunday we did some sightseeing as there were some places I wanted to visit – a cemetery, a poet’s home and an artist’s ateljee.


After we were finally home, I got a crazy idea of going to the Nuuksio National Park for a trek! I don’t know where the energy to go there came from really. But we walked around 5 km and enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere.


On Tuesday hubby and I went sailing. We just sailed around without a destination.


It was quite nice actually even though the wind died and our speed was around 3-4 knots.


On Wednesday my daughter Em and I had a date at Bunsai. I’ve bought their bao buns home one day but ate them all before Em came home – to her utter dismay. I was surprised that we were the only customers. Their bao is so delicious, do go if you haven’t stopped by yet. They are only open when the weather allows it and as it’s a popup restaurant, so you should really seize this opportunity now.


We had the pork and veggie versions and Em loved the food as well.


On Thursday I had a sushi date with two of my ex-colleagues at Hanko Sushi. Every time I see them I realize how much I miss their company every day. We had the Frapinos for dessert too.


Well, that was my week! Very busy once again. Too much eating out – in Finland most people don’t really eat out that much – my blog gives you a distorted picture about that! I would say it’s the Malaysian in me that makes me eat out all the time, hehe.

I would love to hear how your week was. If you like, you can take part by writing your own post and submitting it in the Weekend Coffee Share linkup at Part Time Monster.

Last – I have a little puzzle for you. What is weird about the watch below? One of the guests at our friend’s birthday had bought the watch from Moscow. Apparently it’s something called a Putin watch and has the word President on it in cyrillic alphabet. If you know more about these watches, let me know in the comments please.


I hope you will take part in my Saturday Statues challenge this week – it will be open from Saturday morning till Monday evening Central European Time. Last week’s post can be seen here.

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading!


34 thoughts on “Weekly Favourites

  1. Hi Suvi, Another weekend has bit the dust and indeed, it is already Monday morning here and I need to get to bed. I’m just winding down.
    Well, you can all have a laugh at my expense because I thought the numbers were upside down. We had a clock like that in my last office. I blame living Down Under for giving me such a warped perspective of time and it might also explain why I’m so bad at keeping track of time!
    You educated me tonight…not only on watches either. I’ve never heard of a frappuccino or bao buns before but I know the latter as pork buns. They’re great.
    We have Sushi a bit as my daughter has some food issues and will eat it. Loves it actually.
    Do you get a TV show called Masterchef over in Finland? I love it and get totally immersed in food every Winter when it comes on. I don’t even consider trying to make what’s on the show as it’s high end complex restaurant cuisine but I do go to more trouble with my cooking and add more flavours. Be bothered in other words.
    In the last week, I made Cornish Pasties to take my husband back to his childhood and read about things like dripping pots, which people used to have in their kitchen. Reading about fat sounds quite disgusting but it was fascinating. I also found a great Greek food blog talking about eating healthy food so I had a bit of balance.
    Tonight, I made a really scrumptious very moist raspberry macadamia nut chocolate brownie. It said to put it in the fridge to set before you eat it but I couldn”t miss out on eating it warm. It was so good. I’ll post the recipe. I’ve put most of it in the freezer as it’s very rich.
    I’ve also got into reading a series of newpaper columns written by Eleanor Roosevelt. She was an incredible woman but not being American, I really didn’t know alot about her. I came across a few quotes about fear which really impressed me and thus started the journey.
    Hope you have a great week!
    xx Rowena

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    1. Hi Rowena! Yes we do have Masterchef here but I haven’t really got into it so far. Son loves it though! That brownie sounds heavenly, I am looking forward to your recipe. I must look up quotes by E. Roosevelt, I love finding quotes for different situations. Wishing you a great week ahead ❤ xx


  2. Sounds like a fun and busy week… Actually a frappacino or a frapiono sounds good… We’re expected to get up to 120 here today.

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  3. Oh my goodness, those Frapinos look amazing! I usually am a black coffee drinker, too, and if I order an espresso drink, I usually get an Americano–but I’d try one of those treats if the opportunity presented itself!

    Porvoo looks gorgeous and I’m glad you had a good time there.

    Looks like you had an awesomely productive week!

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    1. Hehe, yes very productive. It’s good to have some rainy days now, to relax and catch up on sleep 😛 Those Frapinos were excellent but next time I’m going for the small size, these were huge!!


  4. This week was kind of off. I volunteered at church for their annual Kid Fest. I was super fun, I helped with the storytelling to about 30 kids from 5 to 6 years-old. I love working with this age group though.

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    1. Yay, Ericka – that is exactly what I meant! I think it’s quite odd but I read online that apparently this is how Roman numbers are often displayed on watches. Thank you for visiting and your lovely comment, fun to have you drop by. xx


    1. Yes, a trip to Porvoo is a must 🙂 I love strolling in the Old Town. Let us hope the weather is favourable for your visit. xx


  5. Em must have inherited that beautiful smile from you 🙂

    aw, sailing without any particular destination sounds like the best thing in the world, charming…

    you got me curious about that watch, nothing looks weird … 😀

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    1. About the watch.. the thing that looks weird to me is apparently something often used on watches… Even though in other instances it’s different.. Heheheh!


    1. Thank you Jutismita! I guess we have to compensate for the bleak winter 😉 Summer is too short here unfortunately but that’s why we live every summer’s day like it’s the last day of summer!!! 😛 I am looking forward to your thoughts on Patrona.


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