Curves in Iceland

For this week’s photo challenge we are looking at curves. My post takes you to Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland.

I visited Reykjavik for a work quite a few years back. These photos were taken on a walk after our conference had ended, during the last hours in Reykjavik before our flight home after a night of exploring Reykjavik’s nightlife. I was alone, as the other Finns were whale watching or having last minute meetings with other Nordic counterparts.

The first curves can be seen there in the distance – Perlan (ie. The Pearl). You can find a fine dining restaurant, a café, several shops, an exhibition space and a viewing deck inside. It used to be just hot water tanks till 1991 when a hemispherical structure was placed on top and Perlan was opened to the public.

Islanti 063

Perlan is located on a hill and it’s 25,7 meters high. Thus the views of Reykjavik are awesome. There I bumped into some Norwegian colleagues shopping for souvenirs on their own sightseeing walk.

Islanti 067

Slight curves of the hill in the distance.

Islanti 066

Curves of the path going down.

Islanti 069

Curves of the dome of the Hallgrimskirkja. It’s a Lutheran church and the biggest in Iceland. Unfortunately I only learnt now that there’s an observation tower. As the church was under renovation at the time I visited, it’s possible it was closed.

Islanti 071

Shopping street curves – Laugavegur street. A delightful street with shops and cafés, great for tourists as all the Icelandic specialities can be found here. The shops in Reykjavik often close early. There was one mall at the time I visited but the only way our timetable would’ve managed the mall would’ve been to sneak out of the conference we were attending. Unfortunately I was too conscientious to do so! Looking back, I don’t think anyone would’ve missed me but the truth is that malls can be found everywhere.

Islanti 072

The Reykjavik City Hall has some cute curves as well. It’s on the shore of Lake Tjörnin. Lots of bird life to be seen there.

Islanti 078

Reykjavik left a lasting impression on me. Blue Lagoon was just as gorgeous as all the photos you have seen. Be prepared for super tangly hair afterwards! Nevertheless, if I were to go again I would look for the geothermal pools the locals visit.

Islanti 011

I am sorry I did not take time off to see the rest of the country and all the natural wonders it offers. Iceland is truly a magical place and Icelandics themselves are super cool.

If you like challenges, do check out my Saturday Statues linkup, I’d love to see your statues from around the world!

Meanwhile, let me know if you’ve been to Iceland? What impressed you most there?


38 thoughts on “Curves in Iceland

    1. Yes I was in Reykjavik for work and the Icelandics had arranged a visit to Blue Lagoon. A dinner there too. It was a bit weird hanging out in your swimming gear with Nordic colleagues 😂😂 But who could say no to such an opportunity? 👌


    1. I spent so little time in Iceland (most of it in a conference room) that I really do hope to go back one of these days! I’m sure you’re not the only one with Iceland on their bucket list 😀

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Sonia! Thank you for commenting and asking about my header – you’re the first one to do so 😀 Those are macarons, made by a Finnish caterer for my daughter’s graduation. Having tasted Sprungli, I would say it’s quite similar though!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. They look so similar. I have tasted Sprungli just a week ago in Basel, Switzerland. They are SO good and yours look equally tasty 🙂 If I ever have a chance for this Finnish treat, I will remember you 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh how I wish Anna Katrin! If I had come, you would’ve been one of the first to know for sure. ❤ Instead of lounging in thermal pools in Reykjavik, I went to Espoo's outdoor swimming pool for water jogging. Better than nothing I guess! 😛 xx


  1. I loved Iceland! We had been there for a very short visit last year. We used the Iceland Air’s offer to stay in Reykjavik for free on the way from New York to Helsinki. I loved it! Bright red roofs, small cozy coffee shops and amazing nature. What impressed me most is hard weather conditions – living there is quite a challenge. We visited in summer, and it was +5 with heavy winds and rains. After that experience I stopped complaining about bad summer we were having in Finland 🙂 Thanks for sharing the photos – they bring nice memories 🙂


    1. Hi Elena! So great to hear your experiences. I have to say that you got an amazing deal from Iceland Air. Heheh, yes, Finnish weather is nothing compared to Icelandic winds and rains. I have also started appreciating our weather more after my visit there and discussions about it with Icelandic friends 😀 xx

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