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I’m so happy to see you here! Today I want to treat you to some tea that I bought from London. Unfortunately I only have black tea. Would you like Fortnum & Mason’s Jubilee Blend or perhaps Cornish Tea’s Smugglers Brew? I have many more for you to choose from if these don’t tickle your fancy. Or maybe we should have a glass of bubbly, it’s Midsummer weekend after all…

For once I can say that last weekend wasn’t super busy. It was raining for the whole weekend, so I was mostly lounging around. I just love the pitter patter of rain in summer. If it doesn’t rain constantly that is. I was aquajogging too! It’s a good idea to go to an outdoor swimming pool when it rains. Then the crowds won’t be there and you won’t have any problems finding a place to sit in the sauna. You’re getting wet anyway, so the rain won’t matter.

On Saturday the new restaurant complex 6k opened in the Kamppi shopping centre in Helsinki. There’s Street Gastro, Mad Wok, Kimchi Wagon, BBQ on Wheels, Oatz and Fisu & Ranet to choose from. You can even get a beer or cider there.


Our son had the tofu noodles from Kimchi Wagon. It was a bit too spicy for him but just right for me. The service was really friendly and fast.


You can never go wrong with BBQ on Wheels’ burgers. I had the Black Angus Beef Burger with cheddar and a Southern Slaw on the side. I have to admit though, the burger itself would’ve been enough for me, as it’s huge. These burgers are very affordable and so good.


Next time I’m going to have the fish and chips from Fisu & Ranet. We were eying other peoples’ fish ‘n chips and it looked delish.


This week I read in the local paper that the new Tapiola Golf club had opened and that they have the biggest terrace in Espoo. My mom and I drove by on Sunday for a quick visit to see how it looks.


Even though it’s officially open, things were still a bit under the way.


I have tried golf when living in Malaysia and then later on a weekend golf course but my attempts were quite pathetic to be honest.


The golf course has 18 holes but you can just do nine if you feel like it.


It’s fun to look at people practicing at the driving range.


Maybe I’ll take up golf when I’m older. Now there’s enough with learning to sail!


The terrace wasn’t at its best as it was cold and windy. My mom tried the sofas though and they turned out comfy. The terrace will be pretty cool once they do the finishing touches and the sun shines. Now the chairs had been strewn all over the place because of a storm we had. Inside there’s a restaurant which serves lunch all through the week.


There were many people on the course, looks like the club has got a nice start to the season.


I am amazed that my orchid at work started flowering! It’s quite a miracle as I haven’t really taken care of it at all. I love orchids because we always had them at home in my childhood in Malaysia. These pink flowers make me very happy.


This week I tried a new recipe for Finnish pancake, also known as pannukakku. It was so good that I suggest you head over to Sinikka’s blog and start baking immediately! Finnish pancakes don’t resemble American ones at all, as you make it in the oven, on a tray.



Here’s some random photos from a walk to Tervasaari Island on Wednesday. Tervasaari is tiny but so easy to access, as there’s a causeway from the Kruununhaka neighbourhood.


Even though it’s a tiny island, you can find the restaurant Savu there. It’s quite upmarket but there’s a nice terrace if you’d like to enjoy a drink.


Someone had been washing carpets!


There are benches and an amphitheater if you’d rather not sit on the grass. A great place to visit to get a feel of an island.


Will you be celebrating Midsummer? This picture below is from a summer cottage we once rented. The majority of Finns will be leaving the city life for similar kind of cottages this weekend. Friday is a day off for most people. We will hopefully be sailing. Midsummer starts my five week summer holiday, I’m happy beyond words!


On Midsummer weekends Helsinki is like a town out of The Walking Dead – not a soul in sight! It’s actually something worth experiencing, this kind of phenomena doesn’t happen in many parts of the world. Here’s a video for you, so you can learn about Midsummer in Finland:

How was your week? Do go to Diana’s blog to take part in the weekly Weekend Coffee Share. Also, I hope you will head back to my blog for the Saturday Statues challenge which opens on tomorrow (Saturday) morning.

Happy Midsummer! Hyvää Juhannusta!

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33 thoughts on “Weekly Favourites

  1. Fish and chips totally caught my attention. Which floor is this new restaurant opened in Kamppi shopping mall? I usually hang around in Kamppi and Stockmann or itis haha my fav places o guess! So used to those places. Gonna miss it a lot!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s on the bus station floor (from where the buses go to Espoo), next to Burger King!! Let me know what you thought if you go 🙂 Have you been studying in Finland Stephanie or what brings you here? xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you! Just got back from Germany tonight. Pfft. Tiring. I’m here with my husband, he has a one year project here and I’m also studying German language. For now I’m free and usually out and about 😄

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  2. Hi, thanks so much for sharing your adventure with us! Midsummer is a new term to me, I’ll have to get familiar.. Your orchid is gorgeous and I’ll definitely have to check out your friend’s baking blog.. 🙂 Have a great week!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Midsummer is huge here! Also it’s a free day from work which is always awesome 😀 I just hope my orchid survives the five weeks I’m out of the office, hehe 😀


  3. Happy Midsummer to you! I hope the weather is good for your time away. Your photos are wonderful and I enjoyed learning about life in Helsinki. I am wondering, is a 6k what we in the U.S. refer to as a food court where several different restaurants have walk up counters and then a common eating area in the center? Our food courts are usually found in shopping malls so they never serve beer, although I wish they would! I am enjoying my summer break now too as I work as a teacher’s aide and schools here are now closed till September. It is a wonderful relaxing feeling, isn’t it? 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Nancy! So great of you to visit my blog 🙂 Yes, 6k is exactly like that – a food court but the food is more street food inspired. It’s also in a shopping mall! In Finland restaurants have to apply for a special license to sell alcohol and this restaurant has the license for mild alcohol, ie beer and cider. Lovely that you are on a summer break and for so long too, awesome! xx

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  4. Your pancakes look like they look delicious. I am sure there are plenty of areas for wildlife. I am not good at sports. I do better at watching. Somehow I had July
    as midsummer. You don’t see that word here. I had to stop and think about it. Have a great week, Betty Louise

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    1. Hi Betty Louise! Yes, you would imagine midsummer is July. But as it goes by the longest day of the year, then it settles on June. Midsummer was actually earlier in the week but in Finland Friday was off work for it. It’s a very important holiday for us Finns! 🙂


  5. Hi Suvi,
    I’m relieved we had Winter Solstace here this week and that it will be getting “back to normal” around here soon. Our houses aren’t built for the cold and I can’t have an open fire in the house as my lungs aren’t good. My fingers are ice.
    I posted pictures of my Winter lunch during the week…Hot Chocolate and a Pulled Pork Pie swimming in gravy. The gravy was quite salty and the pulled pork had lost it’s texture but was good. Made some Raspberry Macadamia brownies which were really delish. Will post the recipe during the week. I loved them hot.
    The rest is in my coffee share.
    Hope you have a great week and Happy Summer Solstace!
    xx Rowena

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    1. Thank you Rowena! I’m afraid I’m a bit behind on reading your blog as we were on an island from Fri till Sun 😀 It was lovely and we just got home before it started to rain. Pulled Pork Pie sounds very interesting, something I’d like to try. And of course the brownies sound divine. xx

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      1. The brownies were good. On Heston is on Masterchef this week and the contestants had a space theme tonight and one team made a chocolate ball with mascapone and raspberries inside and you dropped it onto your plate and it smashed. Looked spectacular! Heston did get splashed but he and the judges loved it!
        The island sounds great ans the sailing. Can’t wait for it to warm up to get back out on the water!
        Hope you have a grat week!
        xx Rowena

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  6. Hyvää Juhannusta to you as you start your holiday. Hope the weather is lovely 🙂

    The photos from the golf course made me gulp. Yikes! – look at that *lumpy* terrain … tough golfing conditions for a hacker like me!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Joanne! Unfortunately the weather hasn’t been great so far for Midsummer but let’s see 🤗 Hehe you are right, the course is quite lumpy, yikes!


  7. wow.. soooo mush to see and so much to learn 🙂 yep you guys do ,do things differently over there 🙂 short story.. i once had a neighbor who work for the university here, he was from inland.. we all thought he was cracked:)) ..in the head:)) no one here goes out in that kind of rain on purpose around these parts for fear of getting hot by lightening. he was always out, now i know why..it was in His blood:))
    i loved all of your photos. as im sure you know most Americans do not get that long for vacation. a good lot of us own cottages though. for the week end.
    im heading to Savannah Ga. for my vacation. lots of sun and warmth. so Happy Midsummer to you..enjoy..i know you will :)!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Heheh yes your neighbor sounds like a typical Finn! Like now, we are on an island with our sailing boat. It’s been raining on and off but that hasn’t stopped anyone and the dock is full! So full that people are having to turn back with their boats!

      Must say Savannah, sun and warmth sound very appealing! I will look forward to your photos. 😍

      Happy Midsummer to you too Kath! xx

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Ooh very good Finnish Alexandra 🤓 It’s not too cold but today has been rainy. Of course I would love a sunny day more but it’s fine. At least I’m on holiday 😌


  8. We had a great few days in Helsinki this week. The weather was very kind to us. It was warm and sunny. We spent one day in the city, one at Porvoo and the last day in Fiskars…all good.

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