Saturday Statues

For this week’s Saturday Statues, I take you to one of the most sympathetic European cities – Sofia, Bulgaria.

These photos were taken in winter, in a lovely park – Knyazheska Gardens.

Bulgaria 016

I love this sculpture below, of playing children.

Bulgaria 011

This here is the Monument to the Soviet Army. It was built in 1954 in Bulgaria. The pedestal is 37 meters high. The purpose of this statue is to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the liberation of Bulgaria by the Soviets. As you can imagine, the Bulgarians I know in Sofia did not like this statue very much and would like to have it removed. I can very well understand them, it is very controversial.

Bulgaria 013

Unfortunately you cannot see the third figure in my photos. The man in the middle is a Soviet soldier and next to him is a Bulgarian man and a woman holding a baby. I hope if someone has a better picture of this, they will feature this statue on Saturday Statues!

Bulgaria 014

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19 thoughts on “Saturday Statues

  1. I having my late-morning-Saturday-lazy -coffee right now and I see photos from my home town on your blog… now how cool is that 🙂 honestly, I have never seen the statue of the playing children, or I’ve never paid attention prolly (blush)… I need to go check it out… what a great post, Suvi!!

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    1. Heheh, well I know you will get beautiful photos out of these if you go have a look 🙂 And the park must look lovely this time of year too! xx


      1. I really need to go take a walk there and check the statue out… it’s a shame I haven’t seen it as the office I work for is really close, maybe 5 minutes from there lol 🙂
        I’ve noticed sometimes visitors to Sofia discover things I have never before noticed, which is so cool really 🙂

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