Where the beautiful people are

On our last day in Florida, we made a quick stop at South Beach, Miami before driving to the airport.

First off, I have to admit that South Beach is not my favourite destination in Florida. I am more of a “real-Florida” kind of person. But it’s the place to be isn’t it?


Seeing the terrible traffic in Miami, I was glad I was not driving that day. The drivers were very aggressive and you could hear honking all the time. Maybe a more stress-free way to get about would be by bike.


South Beach always reminds me of Miami Vice. Did you ever watch that show?



This pool was deserted even though it was a beautiful day. The occupants of this hotel must’ve been swimming in the ocean.


There are many gateways to the beach. But there are no changing rooms or public restrooms in sight, so be prepared to have your swimming gear on.







This concludes my Florida posts (finally – you may say). You can find all of them under the Florida category. Have fun exploring!

Have you been to South Beach? What are your impressions?


14 thoughts on “Where the beautiful people are

  1. I’ve never been to Florida, but the first thing that comes to mind is the joke of an American stand-up comedian who was saying that she avoids going to Florida, because all people there are beautiful and so slim that her arms register as legs there lol 🙂 or maybe she was talking about Hollywood, I don’t remember… lol 🙂

    photos look awesome, Suvi, especially love the last one, with the palms…

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  2. Very similar sentiments about South Beach. We visited long ago (mid-90s!). I’m not a beach lover other than for walking on the sand and looking at the scenery. Miami is, of course, a must-see in Florida but one day was quite enough for us.

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    1. Sounds like Miami Beach hasn’t changed since you visited! It’s definitely a must see if in Florida, it’s great to experience it.. once 😂


  3. We actually stayed in Miami for a week a few years ago – used South Beach as our base although to be honest we spent very little time on the beach (far too hot for a start!). We did love exploring Miami though and its various neighbourhoods were so interesting. It did remind me of Miami Vice too!!

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  4. Although I haven’t visited Florida I would be the same as you and enjoy the ‘real’ Florida much more than here. Your boating holiday looked so interesting. Still, it’s good to read about all these different places to get an idea what they are like.

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