Weekly Favourites – Gone Sailing

Dear friends!

Weekly Favourites will be on holiday for a few weeks now as we’ve embarked on our sailing trip. We don’t know exactly when we will return – the plan is to go with the flow (ie. winds, LOL!).

This week’s favourites were:

*meetup with Katy from travelteachlove right here in Helsinki! We went island hopping to Vallisaari, Suomenlinna and Lonna islands. Katy is so fun and lovely, we had an awesome day together. I hope she comes back soon!


*freezing 50 kg of strawberries for the winter



*seeing a cute, chubby hedgehog in FIL’s garden


I have no idea how my Internet connection will be whilst we are away but I plan to update our adventure on Instagram and Snapchat (mrssuvi).

I also have many posts upcoming, so don’t desert my blog while I’m away! Posts on Finland will be publishing on Mondays; Thursdays will be Thursday Doors; and Saturdays Saturday Statues. If I get inspired, I might do a photo challenge now and then. AND I will be reading and replying to all your comments, which I look forward to.

Wishing you funfilled, summery weeks ahead!


12 thoughts on “Weekly Favourites – Gone Sailing

  1. have a great time, Suvi, relax and enjoy your summer vacation…
    luuuuve Weekly Favorites and I’m always looking forward to those… ♥
    btw, those strawberries look so yum… so much summer freshness!!

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    1. Thank you Alexandra, I hope your holiday is upcoming soon too? The Bulgarians I work with usually take their holiday in August and September, is it same for you? xx


      1. we are going to the sea for a week in August 🙂 peeps here take their vacation from June to September… honestly, summer is my busiest season at work, because everyone goes out on vacation lol … many go to Greece and as it is hot there, they prefer to go early, June… we are going to the North part of the Bulgarian seaside, where the water is cold before August, so we go in August, when it is warm 🙂 kids go back to school in September, so it is not an option for us, though September is the best time, cuz the beach is not so crowded 🙂 ugh, honestly, I want this summer vacation already over and me going to vacation somewhere alone lol 🙂
        hope you are having great time, Suvi 🙂 xoxo

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        1. Sounds fab Alexandra! A beach holiday sounds just right. As does a holiday Aline too 😉 Good to know about the sea being cold before August. Although for us Finns it might feel hot even before that 😂😂


  2. It was SO great to meet up with you this week! You were the perfect tour guide of the islands. I look forward to my next visit to Helsinki when we can meet up again 😊💕

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  3. Bon Voyage!

    I have been to Suomenlinna, but it was early spring and so it was still a bit cold and with mushy dirty snow on the ground. I intend to return for a summer visit one day.

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    1. Thanks! Hahaha, the dirty snow doesn’t sound too good. I also like Suomenlinna when there’s proper white snow but the weather is very harsh then.. Summer is the best time to visit although it’s full of tourists then..


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