Saturday Statues

This week my statue is of a lion. It’s quite lovely wouldn’t you agree? It can be found in Highgate cemetery in London.

The lion is Nero. He dozes on the grave of George Wombwell. George had the largest travelling zoo of his time. It was George who introduced exotic animals to the people of Victorian England.


Nero was his first lion. George made a show of lion baiting which meant dogs being leashed on the lion and fights following. But Nero had no interest in this and just laid low ignoring the whole spectacle. George was then forced to buy another lion for the purpose. Good for you Nero!


Saturday Statues is a weekly feature where bloggers from around the world can share the interesting statues they have stumbled upon. Please join me by sharing your own Saturday Statues post via the link-up button. Make sure you share the exact post, not your homepage! The linkup is open from Saturday morning to Friday evening Central European Time. If you share your posts on Twitter and Instagram remember to use the #saturdaystatues hashtag! It would also be a nice touch to visit some of the posts shared by others.

I am looking forward to your Saturday Statues posts!


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