Saturday Statues

For this week’s Saturday Statues, I have two lions from Sofia, Bulgaria. If you recall, last week’s lions were from London.

The first lion sits besides The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier for the Bulgarian soldiers who fell in the WWI. The lion is actually the national symbol of Bulgaria. It looks as if it’s guarding the tomb. That is the church of Sveta Sofia behind him, the oldest Christian church in Bulgaria.

This here is the Palace of Justice. I noticed there were two lions in front of the building too. Sorry to say my photograph is not very clear and only one lion is showing! I had no idea then that I would be blogging about statues.


Saturday Statues is a weekly feature where bloggers from around the world can share the interesting statues they have stumbled upon. Please join me by sharing your own Saturday Statues post via the link-up button. Make sure you share the exact post, not your homepage! The linkup is open from Saturday morning to Monday evening Central European Time. If you share your posts on Twitter and Instagram remember to use the #saturdaystatues hashtag! It would also be a nice touch to visit some of the posts shared by others.

Have you seen any lion statues around? Where?


12 thoughts on “Saturday Statues

    1. Sounds great with the lions in Chicago! I have to Google that. And awesome tips in your article for Helsinki! Wishing you an amazing trip and safe travels 😎


  1. I just realized how much I miss Sofia nowadays. In Warsaw there are rather no lions (though I don’t know the city that deeply yet), there are tons of mermaids though as mermaid is a symbol of Warsaw. I might take some walk tomorrow as the city is finally not blocked by NATO summit, so if I spot any – I’ll take a picture for sure 🙂

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    1. Mermaids sound great! Maybe you will look out for statues in a new way now 😎 If you do find nice ones, it would be great to have you take part in my challenge!


      1. I actually pictured one of the mermaids today, you might have seen this statue if you have been to Kopernik Science Center 😉 But then – maybe next Saturday 🙂

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